How To Add GIFs To Your Google Slides Presentation

Rather than put your focus on only inserting text like descriptions, definitions, and titles in your presentation, it’s also better to improve it with the addition of fun elements like images or videos — especially GIFs. Nowadays, GIF memes have become a trend in different age groups from varying locations, therefore, using them in your own presentation would never be a problem.


It’s even used by businesses and companies as part of their marketing strategy, so why exclude that from your options to upscale your Google Slides presentation? The main reason why is because it keeps your presentation from appearing dull and boring, but adds life to it and makes it a lot entertaining.

To help you easily apply it to your own process of creating presentations, read this detailed guide we have prepared for you.

Adding GIFs by URL

GIFs can be added by simply putting to Google Slides the URL of the specific GIF you’d like to insert — if you know them. Otherwise, the second method might what will work for you best, but that’s discussed in the latter part of this guide.

1. Go to Google Slides then open a presentation or create a new one. 

If you’ve already started working on a presentation, simply open that on your device but if not, begin by creating a blank presentation and start putting in the details.

2. Select the slide from the left panel that you would like to insert a GIF.

Once you’ve already had some progress done in your presentation, there will be multiple slides visible on the left panel of your screen. Click on the slide you’d like to edit.

3. Click insert from the menu bar then go to “Image.”

Click Insert located in the menu bar and among all the options shown, just click the first one which says “Image.”

4. From there, select the “By URL” option.

Then, you’ll be presented with options on how you’d like to insert the GIF into your slide and since we’ll be using URL, click the “By URL” option.

5. Paste the URL of the GIF you want to include. 

Now, a new pop-up window will show on your screen. That’s where you paste the link of the GIF you’re about to insert.

6. After pasting the URL, if the GIF already appeared, click “Insert.”

Once you’ve verified that it’s the correct link for the GIF you want to insert, simply click on the “Insert” button at the bottom right part of the small window.

7. Resize the GIF until you achieve your desired look for it.

If you want to move the image or resize it, select the GIF then click on the blue outline and adjust it while holding the shift button.

Inserting GIFs from the Computer

This method works for those who have already finished downloading all the GIFs they’re about to insert into the presentation. If this is usually the case for you, check out the steps you have to follow below:

1. Select or make a presentation you wish to add a GIF to.

Similar to the previous section, start by opening a presentation you would like to work on.

2. From the left panel, select a slide where you will include a GIF.

Then, choose a specific slide where you intend to insert the GIF, among all that’s shown on your left panel.

3. Click the “Insert” option in the menu bar then select “Image.”

Access your menu bar, click “Insert”, and select Image.

4. A small pop up menu will appear and from there, select “Upload from Computer.”

Among all the options shown, make sure to click the first one, “Upload from computer.”

5. After selecting the file or the GIF, click “Open.”

Choose from your files the GIF you’d like to insert inside the slide you’re working on. To complete the upload, make sure to click the “Open” button.

6. Resize the GIF according to your preference.

It will automatically be added to your Google Slides. However, it’s not positioned properly so just freely adjust the size and position of the GIF until you achieve a preferrable layout for it.

Make Fun Presentations with GIFs

Nothing could surely go wrong with a presentation that uses GIFs to entertain its audience! This is actually because the addition of such elements can keep the people listening to you entertained, hooked, curious, amazed, and happy. If you’re also able to present it with great delivery, then I’m sure the feedback would be much better than expected.