How To Add Friends On Twitch

Do you have friends that also use Twitch to watch streams? Do you want to add them as a friend on the app? If that’s the case, you can do so from the Twitch mobile or web app. In our guide below, we’ll show you how to use the friends feature on the app.


Aside from watching your favorite channels on Twitch, you can also communicate with other users on the app. You can even add them as friends so that you can check their online status or use the whisper feature with one click.

Before we get started on our guide, please note that followers are different from your friends on Twitch. The former are people who follow your channel while having a friend on the app makes it easier for you to send whispers to the user.

Now that we cleared that up, here’s our guide on how to add friends on Twitch.

How to find friends and add them on Twitch

If you have friends that also use Twitch to watch streamers, you can add them on the platform. In this way, you can frequently message them through whispers or check if they’re online.

You can find and add friends whether you’re using Twitch on your phone or computer. In our tutorials below, we’ll cover the steps to do so on both devices.

On your computer:

  1. Using your preferred web browser, visit Twitch and sign in to your account.
  2. Click the Whispers icon on the upper left side of your screen.

  3. Search for the user you want to add and click the right profile from the search results.

  4. Once the whisper window appears at the bottom of your screen, click the cog icon and select “Add Friend” from the menu.

The steps above work if you know the username of the person on Twitch. After adding someone as your friend, you can head to your Friends tab to check their activity status whenever you want.

If you meet someone that you frequently talk to on a channel’s chat, you can click on their name on the feed and add them as a friend from the menu.

On the Twitch mobile app:

  1. Tap the Whispers icon on the top left side of the app.

  2. Head to the Friends tab and tap the “Add friends” button in the center of the page.

  3. Search for the user you want to add as a friend and tap their profile on the search results.

  4. Tap the three dots icon on the top right corner of the profile and add the user from the options that appear on your screen.

Like we mentioned earlier, you can also tap on someone’s name on a channel’s chat feed and add them as a friend from there. Once someone accepts your friend request, you can head to your friends tab from time to time to check their activity status.

To wrap it all up

Now that you know how to add friends on Twitch, you can go ahead and find the ones that you want to include on your friends list on the app. Please note that you can only have a maximum of 500 friends on your account.

That’s it! For more tips, tricks, and tutorials from us, check our site from time to time and browse our daily posts and updates.