How To Add Discord To PS4

Discord support on PS4 has been a little patchy to say the least. Most players on the console I know use Discord on their phone and play on their console. You cannot install Discord on PS4 directly as PlayStation don’t officially support the chat app. If you have a PC close by there is a workaround, which is what this tutorial is going to use as an alternative to using your phone.


Use Discord on a Windows PC or Xbox One and everything works fine. The close integration between Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Xbox has meant there is a lot of interoperability between the two systems. Sony wasn’t quite so lucky and still has no official app. You can game on PS4 and chat on your phone. You cannot officially show the game you’re playing though. Fortunately, a third-party developer has come to the rescue.

The PlayStationDiscord app installs onto a computer and logs in using your PSN login. It uses Rich Presence to link the game you’re playing on PS4 and share it on Discord. It’s a small thing but seems to have gone down very well with users. I’ll show you how to use that too.

Adding Discord chat to PS4

Let’s start with the basics, setting up Discord so you can chat with it while playing your PlayStation 4. It requires a set of headphones with two connectors, one so you can connect them to your PS4 and one so you can connect to your PC. I tried this with a pair of a friend’s Sennheisers that had optical output and USB. I connected optical to the PS4 and USB from headphones to PC.

You may also need some kind of audio switcher so you can quickly flip between game audio and Discord audio. It isn’t ideal but it’s the only way I know of to get this all working.

  1. Connect the optical out from the headphones to your switcher.
  2. Connect your audio switcher to your PS4.
  3. Open Discord on your PC and select User Settings.
  4. Select Voice & Video and set the Default Input to optical audio.
  5. Connect the headphones or their wireless base station to PC via USB.
  6. Join a server and start chatting!

You can complicate this further by adding audio input from your PC speakers to your headphones but if you’re sitting close to your PC, you may as well use PC speakers. You can then use the audio switcher to switch between speakers and Discord chat.

To be honest, this is quite a complicated setup. I was fortunate in that I knew someone who had already tried this otherwise I would have been a little lost. Even he said while this works and you can use it on PC, it is so much easier just to use a phone.

Adding Rich Presence to Discord

One other trick I learned was that you can add a third-party app to your PC to show what PS4 game you’re playing. Thanks to an app called PlayStationDiscord, you can link your PC and PS4 with OAuth and display the game you’re playing.

  1. Download and install the PlayStationDiscord app for your compute
  2. Sign into the app with your PSN account details.
  3. Enable Rich Presence in the app if it wasn’t already.
  4. Log into Discord as you normally would.
  5. Start a game on your PS4 and see it reflected in Discord.

This app does seem to work. Once logged into PlayStationDiscord, there is a big red button telling you that Rich Presence is switched on. The app collects game data from PSN, translates it and sends it to Discord and switches whenever you switch game. It’s a neat piece of code that is currently free. As it uses OAuth, the app doesn’t store logins so should be perfectly safe to use.

The only downside to PlayStationDiscord is that, like setting up chat, you need to have your PC running during your session. This kind of defeats the object of having a console in the first place. The one saving grace perhaps is that you could do this using an old laptop or desktop PC that is no longer up to playing games.

I’m not a PS4 gamer so had to lean on friends a little here but all those that do have PlayStation say using Discord on a phone is much easier even if the audio isn’t the best. This exercise is still worth trying if that’s your thing just to see if you can get it to work.

Know of any easier ways to add Discord to PS4? Tell us about them below if you do!