How To Add Background Image In Google Docs

Changing backgrounds in Google Slides is a common thing we already practice but in Google Docs? I didn’t even know that was possible until I learned more about it. Well, I guess there are also people like me who initially didn’t know that backgrounds in Google Docs, aside from blank white, can be changed and improved.


Consider it lucky that you came across this article because I ensure you that this guide can truly change the way you create documents in Docs! If you want to be creative with both texts and images, that’s something you can practice and enhance by simply using all the features and tools of Google Docs to your advantage.

Now, let’s look closer into the process of changing background images in Google Docs in two different ways.

Using Google Slides

There are several ways to set a background image in Google Docs, but one of the best is to use Google Slides. However, note that this method is only more efficient and useful if you only need a small amount of text input.

1. Open Google Slides and create a new blank presentation.

To begin, open Google Slides and create a blank presentation you’ll be using to insert a specific background image.

2. Click the “File” option in the menu bar, then select “Page setup”.

Access the menu bar on the upper part of your screen and click “File”; scroll below, and select “Page Setup.” This will bring up a small pop-up page setup window where you can alter the normal size of the page.

3. Select “Custom” to adjust the height and width of the specific page.

There are 4 available options — Standard, Widescreen (16:9), Widescreen (16:10), and Custom. To make it look like a valid Google Docs background image, select “custom” and enter 11 inches and 8.5 inches for the height and width, respectively.

However, you may choose to enter another measurement if this size is not fit for the page size you’ll be creating in Google Docs.

4. Now, click the “Slide” button in the menu bar, then click “Change Background”.

After you’ve edited the page’s size, go to the menu bar and select “Slide,” then “Change background.” This will open a background window where you can select the image you want to use as your background.

5. Click the “Choose Image” option then add the image that you want to use as a background.

By selecting the “Choose Image” option, you will be taken to your drive — where all of your files and images are stored. Now, go through those images and choose a background that you think fits your subject.

Aside from adding an image from your drive, another option for you would be to directly upload images from your computer, by URL, and Google Image Search.

6. After selecting an image, click on “Insert” then click “Done”.

After you’ve decided on an image to use, click “Insert” in the lower right corner of the page, then click done to save your changes.

After doing this, download it as a PDF file and upload it to Google Docs.

Using the Drawing Tool in Google Docs

This second method is useful if you want to insert a background image into your document in a less complicated manner. If you have a lot of text to include or type above your background, I’d say that this is the best option you can use.

1. Open Google Docs and select a document you want to insert a background to.

To change the background of a specific page, go to Google Docs and select one of your existing documents, or simply create a new one if you are just about to start with it.

2. Click “Insert”, then “Drawing” and select the option “New”.

Click “Insert” in the toolbar, which is located on the upper left part of the menu bar. Afterward, choose “Drawing” from the drop-down menu and press “New.” Following that, a new window titled “Drawing window” will appear.

3. In the tool bar of the drawing window, select the “Image” icon.

There is a new set of toolbar options in this new drawing window, however, we’re only interested in clicking the “image” icon from those options for this part.

4. Choose an Image that you want to use as a background.

Then, choose an image from your Google Drive that best fits your document. Simply click on the picture you have chosen and save your changes using the blue button which says “Select.”

5. Click the “Text box” icon to insert a text above the new background image.

Select the “Text box” icon in the toolbar to add the texts that you want to include in the document. After that, it will automatically be placed above the selected background image.

6. Click the “Save and Close” option.

If you’re satisfied with the outcome of the background image and your provided text, click the “Save and Close” button to save all of your changes.

Be More Creative With Google Docs

It’s amusing to discover that there’s really a lot we can do in Google Docs but are just aren’t aware of them, agree? There are a lot of people who typically use it in making articles, college essays, research papers, and such and not really for producing creative outputs.

Indeed, the process may just seem a bit different in Docs unlike the other platforms you use, but the good thing about it is that it’s doable! Explore it more and realize how amazing it can be!