How To Add A Twitch Chat Overly

Some streams tend to stand out among the rest because of their attractive overlays and graphics. Well, you can look professional by merely adding an overlay or image to your stream. 


Here are the steps on how you can add an overlay or logo to your Twitch stream:

Step 1: Make or Find an Image

You need to consider the type of image you want to place in your stream. There are actually lots of options such as a log or an image that becomes part of your screen. Or maybe, a border, frame, or overlay that occupies your entire screen and surrounds your webcam, video game, and other sources. Overlays are quite hard to make because they are usually responsible for enhancing the interface of the game and are often related to a specific game.

Step 2: Add the overlay to your stream

You only need to open the “Open Broadcaster Software” and choose the scene where you want to place your overlay. Inside the sources box, right click then select “Add.” Go to “Images” and tap “Browse.” Look for the image you want to add to your stream.

Step 3: Resize, reorder, and move the image

If you want to see how your stream looks like, choose “Preview Stream.” You can resize or move the overlay by selecting “Edit Scene.” To move the image, you just have to select it in the sources box and drag it manually.

Now that you already added an overlay or logo to your stream, you will most likely look like a real Twitch streamer!

And if you are planning to post your VODs to YouTube, you need to have a chat box widget so that your viewers can still interact with your video even if they can’t watch it live.

Here are the reasons why you need a chat box overlay:

  • For you to look like a professional streamer

If you have a chat overlay, your viewers will feel as if they are watching a live stream. 

  • For your videos to increase their shelf life

Having a chat overlay can maintain your clips on Twitch, Facebook, and YouTube for a long time. 

  • It can help market your channel

A chat box can encourage interaction between the viewers. 

  • It helps you connect with your audience

Even if your viewers cannot watch your stream live, a chat box can help in building a connection with your audience. 

Here are the 3 steps on how you can enable your chat box:

  1. Download “Streamlabs OBS” in your device so that you can use all the features and widgets offered by Streamlabs, including chat overlay. 
  2. Go to “Settings,” look for “Chat Box” under “Widgets.” Now it’s time for you to customize your settings.
  1. Select the drop down button found beside the “Themes,” then select Twitch. 
  1. Customize your settings.
  1. Just tap “Save Settings” after you finished customizing your settings. 

As simple as the steps above, you can be able to add a chat box on your stream. This will most likely improve your entire streaming experience!