How To Add A Sub Goal On Twitch

Do you want to set a milestone for your community on Twitch? Or do you want to set events and celebrations for hitting certain followers or subscribers on your channel? If so, you can add a goal to your channel and display it whenever you stream. In our guide below, we’ll show you how to set up goals on Twitch.


In Twitch, viewers can follow and subscribe to your channel to get notifications whenever you’re going live for a stream. The larger your community grows, you’ll gain more subscribers that support your stream.

To create some type of hype within your community, you can set specific subscriber or follower goals on your channel. This feature can encourage more people to contribute to the milestone you set on your stream.

After hitting the goals you created on the channel, you can do a quick celebration with your community to make the milestone more rewarding for everyone involved.

Here’s our quick guide about adding goals on your Twitch channel.

How to set up goals on Twitch

If you want to set milestones for your channel and community on Twitch, you can add sub and follower goals to your stream. In this way, you can set objectives for yourself and your viewers, whether it’s a long-term or short-term one.

You can manage your goals by opening your stream manager on the Twitch web app. Follow our quick tutorial below, and we’ll show you the steps to start your goal on the app.

  1. On your preferred browser, visit Twitch and sign in to your account.
  2. Click your profile avatar on the top right corner of the screen and select “Creator Dashboard” from the menu.

  3. Click the hamburger icon on the top left corner and select “Stream Manager” from the navigation menu.

  4. Under the Quick Actions section, select “Manage Goals.” If you can’t see the Manage Goal option, click the plus icon and add the setting to your Quick Actions tab.

  5. Change the Goal Type, set the number of followers or subscribers for the goal, and add an optional description.

  6. Scroll down, check the preview, copy the browser source, and click the Start Goal button on the bottom right.

That’s how you start a goal for your channel on Twitch. Make sure to copy the browser source since you’ll need to add it to your stream overlay.

Alternatively, you can type the “/goal” command on the chat to start a new goal. After entering the command, you’ll see a pop-up window that allows you to add more details to the milestone.

When you add your goal to the stream overlay, viewers can see its progress in real-time. When your followers or subscribers hit the goal, everyone will see a callout at the top of the chat to mark your achievement.

Please note that when you start a goal on Twitch, it will stay on your channel until you turn it off or start a new one. Until you remove the goal, the followers or subscribers on the tally will continue to increase.

To wrap it all up

Now that you know how to set up milestones on Twitch, you can display your follower and subscriber goals to your stream. You can set goals daily, weekly, or monthly, depending on what you prefer.

That’s everything we have on our guide! If you want more tutorials, visit our page regularly and browse our latest posts and updates.