How To Add A Poll In Google Slides

Making decisions is sometimes difficult to do alone and requires the help or opinion of other people. In these cases, using a poll can be one of the best options. I’m sure this is something you’re already familiar with as it’s often used in Facebook groups, Messenger chats, IG stories, and more.

Google Slides

However, did you know that you can also add a poll in Google Slides? This may be a discovery to some, so here’s a detailed guide you can use to help you insert it into your Google presentation.

In the process, you’ll be needing to download an app called “Slido” for you to successfully add a poll to your Google Slides project.

1. Go to Google Slides then sign in to your account.

Launch your web browser and sign in to your Google account. Make sure that you’re logged in to the account you’ll be using to create the poll presentation in Google Slides.

2. Install Slido for Google Slides.

You must first install “Slido” on your Google Slides account before you can add a poll to your presentation. Follow the instructions below.

  • 1. Click “Add-ons” on the menu bar then select “Get add-ons.”

When you open a presentation in Google Slides, the “Add-ons” option will appear in the menu bar. When you click it, a drop-down window will be displayed on your screen with the option “Get add-ons.”

  • 2. Search “Slido” then select the “Slido for Google slides” option.

Type “Slido” into the search box in the new window and then pick “Slido for Google Slides.” Clicking this will open a new window where you may proceed with installing Slido.

  • 3. Click the “Install” button.

To proceed with adding Slido to your Google Slides, click the “Install” button, which will open a new window on your screen.

  • 4. Select “Continue” to proceed with installing Slido.

Before you can continue installing Slido to Google Slides, you must first confirm by clicking “Continue.”

  • 5. Choose your Google account to use then allow Slido to access it.

Choose the Google account you’ll use to create a presentation with a poll, then grant Slido access to it by clicking the “Allow” button in the new window.

  • 6. Click “Done.”

If Slido has already been installed, you’ll be informed, and all that’s left for you to do is click “Done.”

3. Click the “Add-ons” option on the menu bar.

You can now add a poll to your presentation after installing and adding Slido as a Chrome extension. Now, click the “Add-ons” option again on the menu bar, and a small drop-down menu will appear.

4. Select “Slido for Google Slides” then click “Open the sidebar.”

Select “Slido for Google Slides” from the drop-down menu, then click “Open the sidebar” to bring up a small panel on the right side of the screen.

5. Login your Slido account.

The Slido sidebar will prompt you to log in to your Slido account; use your Google credentials to do so.

6. Add Slido as a Chrome extension.

After signing in to your Slido account, you must now add it as a Chrome extension. To easily add it as a Chrome extension, follow these steps:

  • 1. Click the “Install” button on the sidebar.

After logging in to Slido, click the “Install” button to be directed to a new window where you can add Slido as a chrome extension.

  • 2. Tap the “Add to Chrome” button.

Simply tap the “Add to Chrome” button, and a small pop-up window will appear at the top of your screen, asking for confirmation.

  • 3. Confirm adding it to chrome by selecting the “Add Extension” option.

Select the “Add Extension” button to confirm this activity and allow Google to add Slido as an extension.

7. Select the “Multiple Choice” option on the sidebar.

You can now create a poll once you’ve successfully added Slido to your Google Chrome extension. Select “Multiple Choice” from the available options on the sidebar, and you will now have a space to input your poll question.

8. Enter your question and the possible answers.

Fill up the blanks with your question and possible responses.

9. Click “Add to presentation” to apply the changes.

Click the “Add to presentation” button beneath the available responses to save your changes and successfully add a poll to your presentation.

If you want to allow multiple answers, tick the box next to that option.

Finishing Thoughts

Yes, it’s just that easy! Using Google Slides may not be the same for you after reading this guide because you’ll be able to do a lot more and use different elements. Aside from adding polls, you can also create simple surveys through the app in Google Slides.

Who would’ve thought that could be possible, right?