How To Add A Moderator To Twitch

The tool, the Internet, has collapsed the space between social media platforms and users. Every individual is busy with one or other chatting carpets. But, there are times when the live stream podium gets filled with chatters. The twitch rules are quite conventional and come with brilliant bots. You can make use of them to stay focused on your game and streaming process. There are many undiscovered aspects of moderators that you are away from. But, on a deeper note, it is pertinent to catch the hold of it.


What do you understand by moderators?

You must have heard the word ‘Mods,’ but you must not know that this is consolidated as Moderators. If you depend upon organized, rational, and free-flowing conversation, then, the moderator will be your instrument. The tool helps in maintain the rules asserted by the streamer. It is easy to recognize a moderator as a ‘green sword’ icon placed next to the icon’s name gives a slot for it.

Why do you need a moderator?

When you feel the need of moderator, it becomes mandatory to get the note of questions.

  1. As live streaming channels do not filter the type of fans watching and commenting, it becomes mandatory for the creator of the streamer to take account of the vexatious activity. And, if you are being trolled consistently, then the need of moderator is an obvious yes.
  2. If you want to streamline your chat, you will require a mod.
  3. It is worth considering if you want to stay focused on the game play and get headshots.

What picturesque should you consider to choose a moderator for your stream?

It is necessary to choose a moderator. You have the brief why you need it. The next thing that follows is whom to choose or from where to choose? When such questions are beating the bush, then it is important that you trust your close friends to be one such moderator for your channel.  Only certain loyal viewers will check your in- out slots after you.

What is the process of making somebody a moderator?

You can turn someone your moderator by performing a small step in your streaming channel. The chat command function normally gives the space to turn someone a mod by:-


This command will make sure that your chosen person is the channel moderator.

How to unmod somebody on Twitch?

It is very easy to unmod someone who is acting as the mod of your channel. To use the chat command, you have to: –


How can you recognize mod commands? How can they be used?

There are different functions and commands that you should use to make your channel risk-free. The basic mod commands used are: –

  1. Ban a user from your chat:-/ban<username>
  2. Alter your name color:- /color<username>
  3. Restrict chat to subscribers only:- /subscribers
  4. Set a time for a user out only under specific time:- /timeout<username>[seconds]
  5. Host another channel: /host<channel>
  6. Change chat to emoticon only:- /emoteonly
  7. Convert a user to a moderator of the channel:- /mod<username>

Does the creator of the channel pay a moderator?

Unless a media company like IGN takes the lead for a moderator or certain circumstances appear, a moderator does not get payment for looking after the channel after the creator.

Moderation is an X-factor that inserts its helpfulness to manage your Twitch community. A moderator keeps the twitch guidelines to maintain compliance with the channel. To experience a safe chat, the command is important. Other moderation options include AutoMod that restricts or limits the chat rules and hyperlinks.

One such credible instrument is AutoMod. It takes the plunge to detect the risky messages in chat so that a channel moderator acts before appearing to others. The moderation settings can be taken account for in 5 levels.

Level 0: to remove the banned words

Level 1: to eliminate hate speech

Level 2: explicit and abusive languages are removed

Level 3: words of hatred and sexual words are a note of and removed henceforth

Level 4: removal of profanity, trash talk, and all of the things mentioned herein above.

Above all, Twitch is the most popular channel since the day of its establishment. The recent escalation is powered by the users making it a highly profitable business platform. You can twitch from your desktop. More than millions of viewers are registered into the channel in less than a week. Recent updates and benefits are drawing the attention of many global users.