How To Add A Channel Moderator On Teams

Do you need some help in adding new posts to one of your team’s channels on Microsoft Teams? Or do you want to prevent your members from posting while allowing a selected few to do so? If so, you can turn on channel moderation on your channel and delegate someone as a moderator. Check our guide below to learn how.


By default, everyone that’s a member of a channel on Teams can post within the conversation. They can also reply to other posts within the channel whenever they want.

If you want to moderate and filter the people that can post on one of your channels within your team, you can turn on channel moderation on the conversation. When you enable this option, only the moderators can post within the channel.

By default, Team owners automatically become a moderator when you turn on channel moderation on the conversation. However, you can promote one of your members to a moderator.

Here’s our guide to promoting a channel member to a moderator on Teams.

How to add someone as a channel moderator on Teams

If you want someone else to post announcements on one of your team’s channels, you can promote them to a moderator on the chat. In this way, you can allow selected people to post and manage the channel while changing the post permissions to prevent regular members from doing so.

You can set a channel’s moderation preferences from the Teams web or desktop app. Follow our quick tutorial below to learn how.

  1. Open the Teams desktop or web app and sign in to your account.
  2. Head to the Teams tab.

  3. Hover to the channel that you want to manage, click More options (three-dots icon) and select “Manage channel” from the menu.

  4. Turn on Channel Moderation and click the Manage button.

  5. Search for the user that you want to add as a moderator and click Done on the bottom right to confirm your decision.

When you turn on channel moderation, only the moderators can post within the channel. Please note that this feature is only available to standard channels and not accessible to private and general ones.

Regular members of a channel with moderation enabled can still reply to messages within the channel. However, moderators can customize these permissions to prevent them from doing so.

Unfortunately, there’s no option to manage channel moderation from the Teams mobile app. You’ll need to open the Teams web or desktop app to do so.

To wrap things up

Now that you know how to enable moderation on a channel, you can promote one of the members to a moderator whenever you want. Moderators can post, reply, and react to posts on the channel and manage other moderators for the group.

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