How To Activate The Minecarts In Stardew Valley

Tired of having to walk around Pelican Town? Don’t you just wish there was a way to instantly travel to certain locations? In this guide, we’ll show you how you can activate a new method of traveling in Stardew Valley.


When you’ve been playing Stardew Valley for a while, we bet you’ve noticed these little Minecarts around certain areas. You might’ve mistaken them as part of the set design. Like they’re an unusable decorative part of the environment added to make the game more immersive. These Minecarts actually have a higher purpose than meets the eye. You can actually have them fixed and travel instantly to where these Minecarts are located.

Where are the Minecarts located?

The Minecarts are located in four key areas. These are inside the Mines, near the Bus Stop, east of Pelican Town, and in the Quarry.  The Minecarts are strategically placed around each other to cover the Areas you would likely be visiting a lot. Let’s take a closer look at what these areas are for.


Located in the North Area of the mountains, the mines are your go to place to get Ores, Minerals, and Geodes. On its entry floor, you’ll find a Minecart on the left which you can use for easy access. The Mines is just 120 floors of rocks, loot, and monsters. You’ll find yourself grinding here a lot of times when trying to progress through the game. Plus it’s close to a handful of places you’d be visiting a lot as well like the Adventurer’s Guild and the Carpenter’s Shop.

Bus Stop

Right after heading into town from the east exit of your farm, you’ll notice an area with a Bus that doesn’t seem to be functional. This is actually the bus you’ll take when going to the Calico Desert, where you’ll find places like the Skull Cavern and the Oasis. Just above the road, you’ll see the minecart connected to other areas. Since the Bus Stop is the closest to your Farmhouse, you’ll be traveling here using the minecart the most.

Pelican Town

The heart of Stardew Valley. This is where you officially moved in at the start of the game. Pelican Town has most of the things you’ll need like Pierre’s General Store, the Blacksmith, the Clinic, and The Stardrop Saloon. The Minecart is located right next to the Blacksmith which is quite convenient since there’ll be times that you have a ton of Geodes that need to be opened.


Located just beyond the bridge near the entrance of the Mines, you’ll find the Quarry. The Quarry consists of a large area filled with rocks and mining nodes that are randomly generated each day. You can find a wide variety of Ores and Gems including rare ones like Iridium Ores or Prismatic Shards.

Now that you know about all the places you’ll have easy access to once you’ve activated the Minecarts, let’s get into how you’ll actually get them to work.

Unlocking the Minecarts

There are two ways to unlock the Minecarts. The easiest way is by buying a JojaMart Membership for 5,000g and turning the Community Center into a Joja Warehouse. You’ll see the Minecarts listed under Joja’s Community Development Projects. By simply paying Morris 15,000g, his crew will have the Minecart repaired and ready for use the very next day. 

While this is the easiest way to get the Minecarts up and running, you’ll miss out on potential rewards you’ll receive if you chose to keep the Community Center.

The next method is by completing the Boiler Room Bundle in the Community Center. This one will take a bit more work as you need to complete at least two bundles from other areas from the Community Center. It doesn’t matter which bundles you choose to complete as long as you finish two. Once you’ve done this, the Boiler Room will appear.

Now, the Boiler Room has three bundles you need to complete before you can unlock the Minecarts. These are the Blacksmith’s Bundle, the Geologist’s Bundle, and the Adventurer’s Bundle. We’ll list below what you need to complete each Bundle and the rewards you’ll get for finishing each.

Blacksmith’s Bundle

  • Copper Bar
  • Iron Bar
  • Gold Bar

Reward: Furnace

Geologist’s Bundle

  • Quartz
  • Earth Crystal
  • Frozen Tear
  • Fire Quartz

Reward: 5 Omni Geode

Adventurer’s Bundle

  • 99 Slime
  • 10 Bat Wing
  • Solar Essence
  • Void Essence

Reward: Small Magnet Ring

You can get everything you need to complete these bundles simply by progressing through the Mines. Once the bundles are completed, the Minecarts will be ready for use the next morning.

So there you have it! Everything you need to know to get the Minecarts to work in Stardew Valley. Be sure to check back on our page for more guides on your favorite games. Have fun!