How To Activate Google Home In Spanish

Google Home smart speakers came with English as its default language. For most people, this could not be a problem. However, it is better to talk to someone, or in this case something, in your own language. It will be easier for you to speak to Google Home, and it will be easier for the device to catch your command. Besides, nobody likes it when the assistant replies with “I didn’t understand what you said”.


To get the most out of these devices, you must be able to speak clear commands. Otherwise, you will have a poor experience interacting with Google assistant. That is why Google rolled out support for many languages, among which you will find Spanish. So this is great news for the Spanish speaking users. Now, you can say “adios” to all the languages barriers between you and your device; let’s learn how to change it.

Step 1:

As happens with all changes in settings, you must go to the Google Home App. Click on your profile picture, which is at the bottom right corner.

Step 2:

From there, click on the fourth option from the top down. It is the one that says settings.

Step 3:

Swipe right to the assistant section. You can also directly click on it.

Step 4:

Click on the first option that appears on the top. It should be the Languages section. There you can set in which language, or languages, do you want to speak to your device.

Step 5:

Inside that menu, you can either change the main language or add a second one. Always click on the first option at the op if you wish to change the main communication language (yellow rectangle). But if you wish to add another language, click where it says to add a language (red rectangle). In both cases, just swing down until you find Spanish, and that is all.

Now, there should not be any communication problems between you and your device. Note that all the commands that are supported in English; are supported in other languages as well, and Spanish is no exception. So don’t worry, when you say “Apaga las luces”, Google Home will turn off the lights for you.

Beware of something; the magic words stay the same. You must always wake Google assistant by either saying “Ok Google” or “Hey Google”. Otherwise, you will be shouting command after command, and nothing will happen. Sadly, it is very unlikely that Google will work towards adding translations for the waking up commands. So at least you have to learn how to pronounce them.

Keep in mind that, if you have two languages active at the same time, you can’t make command with both languages. For example, you can’t say “Ok Google, prende las lights” because the device will not understand what you are saying; it still doesn’t support Spanglish.

As you can see, changing languages is a straightforward process. Now, nothing will stop you from using your Google Home smart speaker or your Google assistant to its full potential.