How Often Does The Firestick Go On Sale?

Do you want to experience the sensation of having a smart TV without being ripped off? Well, let me tell you that Amazon has the answer to your prayers. With the Fire TV devices, you can transform any TV into a smart TV. Of course, you need two things, a TV with an HDMI input and an internet connection. 


The Firestick devices and its brothers are the perfect gadgets to stream your favorite movies and shows, play games, and stream music all in one place; your TV. On top of that, there are hundreds of apps in the in-built store. This means that you can personalize your firestick to your liking. But beware, some of these tools lack storage. Therefore, you try not to have too many apps installed and clear the data every once in a while. 

Some of these apps are free, but you have to pay for the right to use the others. Don’t worry; they are not as expensive as you may think. Anyhow, if you just pay it for one show, you can subscribe for the length of its duration, and then cancel the subscription once the show finishes. This way you could save a couple of bucks. 

Firestick Prices Are Great; But Can They Get Any Better?

Now that we are talking about saving some bucks; let’s talk about how can you get the best prices on these devices.  

Shopping for tech has changed a lot recently. If we really want something, but we either don’t have the money, or we don’t need it right, we tend to wait until the price drops. It is like hunting for that fat deer in the winter.

So to make it short; yes, you can get a firestick or a similar fire device to an even better price. However, predicting when is quite difficult. For example, every tech-lover knows about three mayor dates where you can save a few bucks. These are back Friday (the day after Thanksgiving.), Cyber Monday (First Monday after Thanksgiving), and prime day (Wait for Amazon announcement). 

In these events, you can get significant discounts on Amazon’s devices. For example, in last year’s Cyber Monday, you could get the Firestick for 24.99$, which means a 15$ reduction. Also, on last year’s Black Friday Amazon sold the Firestick and Echo bundle for just 59$ (40$ less than its usual price).

You can also get great discounts on Prime day. For example, on this year’s prime day, you could get the Firestick recast with a hundred dollars’ discount; great right? 

The bad thing is that the juiciest Prime deals are only available for Prime members. However, Amazon offers a free month trial; take advantage of this to get your Firestick at half its price!

Other important sales dates are Boxing Day (December 26th) and Labor Day (First Monday of September). However, the first is a UK holiday. Therefore, you should get great deals on Amazon UK.

But hey! these aren’t the only days where you can find great deals. Sometimes, Amazon offers random discounts on their merchandise. So keep looking. Also, note that Black Friday deals could roll out a few days before and last a few days after its beginning.