How Often Does Google Maps Update Home Pictures?

Those who do browse of Google Maps in Satellite View can easily mark that the details boasted about the location are not often kept upgraded. In this context, it is important to understand that Google Maps makes use of the same satellite details as of those available on Google Earth. The images of such indeed get upgraded on a regular basis. However, it is not easily marked on a regular basis. In some occasions, a lag of several years is witnessed between the satellite image witnessed on screen and the way the concerned location appears in reality.


It is almost impossible to make a prediction about the instance when the map is going to alter. However, one may take help from Google Earth to figure out the dates on which it is last updated. There is also a tool of Google called ‘Follow Your World,’ which enables the user to get signed up for notifications on emails. These notifications appear in those instances when a certain image of the location alters.

All about the Google Maps Update timeline:

In general, the satellite details are maintained between one to three years on Google Maps. As per the details over Google Earth, data is often updated once in a month usually. But, it’s not certain to showcase the images in real-time. The data is generally collected by Google Earth through different satellite sources. It is also collected through various sources of photography. Nothing is to wonder as well if it takes month’s long time to get processed. It takes months for comparison purposes and to set-up as well. All these steps are required for making the data appear over the map.

In certain occasions, Google Maps gets updated in real-time to note about the crucial occasions. It is also meant to provide assistance during the occasions of emergency. Every crucial occasion, be it about the Olympic game somewhere or a natural disaster at somewhere else, the strategy often remains the same in each occasion.

Get the date on which Google Map Update occurred:

It is absolutely tough to figure out about the occasion on which a map was updated for the final time on Google Maps. But, the same details can be got upon downloading Google Earth. All that one need first is to have Google Earth downloaded. After downloading, one needs to look for the concerned location within the program. One can easily find a date stamp leaving the mark of the last update upon reaching the extreme bottom of the satellite map.

Make use of ‘Follow Your World ‘to have updates regarding Google Maps

It is also possible to get about the instance when Google Maps makes updates about a certain location. All that one needs in this regard is to fix an alert on the ‘Follow Your World’ tool ,of the same. Upon doing this, an email can be received on every single occasion when Google makes an update about a location, being set as a Point.

First of all, one need is a Google account to get logged in with the tool. After getting logged in the steps given below should be followed.

Google maps


  1. First of all, do visit to the Home display and then provide the details of location within the Find a Location section.
  2. Now go for searching ‘Search Location’ and keep the map dragged in till the time the + mark is visible on the position you wish to get track of.
  3. Put a click on the Select Point button. This tool is meant to provide latitude and longitude for the concerned user.
  4. In those occasions when the user wishes to give the point a distinct name, it is essential to alter the same within the Location Name box.
  5. At the next step, it is recommended to make sure whether the concerned email address provided is accurate or not. After ensuring all that needs is to simply select ‘Submit’.
  6. If the above steps are executed thoroughly, the user is going to get a notification within the email. This is basically meant to confirm the user that he/she has set up the setting for the alert of such. This notification also comes with a caution that the concerned updates may take prolonged times. It may take several weeks or even a few months. It may take several years as well, as per the notification. However, in each of the instance, Google Maps makes an update about this location, it definitely emails the concerned user.