How Often Does Google Home Get Updated

Google Home gets updated automatically; one doesn’t need to do anything about it. However, a user may keep check of the recent edition of the software by going through the settings. It can be done by going through the settings section within the Google Home application on the phone and then reaching the extreme bottom in it.


One needs to understand that things are done automatically as these are done within the ‘cloud.’ It is not done by the device itself entirely.  This means the whole range of processing, and all those replies those are made over the Google server is not necessarily the Home. All that happens is, the software of the device simply delivers the recorded voice to the server.

Updates to Google Home

A user needs to make sure that his/her device is updated to the most advanced software for enjoying the most recent and advanced features available on Google Home. This can be done spontaneously as part of the set-up, which clearly means that the concerned user has nothing to do for getting the update.

It is important to ensure that through the process of update, Google Home is not going to be able to answering the queries. One has to wait until the update is completed to communicate with Google Assistant on Google Home.

Given below are the aspects one can expect during the update:

Google Home app is going to show signals of the progress of the whole setup.

One can find the LED light at the top of the Home to ensure that it is still receiving the updates.

In general, the update takes around ten minutes. If it takes longer than that, one needs to check whether Google Home is still updating. This can be done by checking the LED status. In such occasions, the light is going to be white and moderately spinning through the process of receiving an update.

When required, one should reboot Google Home by making it unplugged from the power source, leaving it for a minute, and plugging in again. It restarts the update again.

When the issue stays intact, it is advised to reset Google Home and go for setting it up again.

Steps to check whether the speaker is running on updated software

The following steps are meant to check whether the speaker is running the latest software

Go to the Google Home app and open it

Find Google Home speaker and select.

Put a click on Device settings button.

Reach the extreme bottom where one can find the present system firmware.

One may also go through official site of Google too, no matter it’s the most updated Google Home firmware edition.

Those looking for an update for Home speaker, it is advised to learn to wait. It is important to understand that when updates occur, it doesn’t reach each section at a stretch. It may take some time for various kinds of reasons.

When you know that the Home is playing not downloading the update, and you are done with other strategies, it may ask for a reset.

How to know whether the Google Home is updating

In accordance with the kind of Google Home speaker one uses, there are varieties of ways it is going to notify about getting updated.

When it comes about the usual Google Home, a spinning semi-circle of white lights is going to appear at the top of the speaker. In case of Google Home Mini or Max, one can find a line of white lights passing from the left towards the right direction. Those who are having Google Nest Hub or Nest Hub Max, it is going to notify on the display itself about when an update is getting installed..

In general, updates don’t take more than 10 minutes. In those occasions when it appears to be taking more than that and no response is got from the speaker,- or when the lights don’t spin anymore, one needs to restart the speaker. All it needs is to be unplugged from the power source, keep patience for a minute, and plug it back. The update should get started again.

How to check the edition of your firmware?

To know which firmware edition you are at present-

  1. Make sure that the smartphone or tablet is linked with the same Wi-Fi network as of Google Home speaker.
  2. Go to Google Home app and open it.
  3. Reaching Home, put a click on the device you are interested in finding the firmware edition for.
  4. Click on Settings.
  5. Reach the bottom and find the Cast firmware edition.