How Often Does Google Change Its Homepage

The Google homepage is the most popular page on the internet. The one search box, logo, and simple design are easily recognizable. Ever since its initial release, Google grew bigger. It has managed to grow into the search engine it is today. 


As time passed, the company upgraded its search engine. They improved the way we research on the internet. It is a search engine we use all the time – every single day. Now, it is a part of our daily life. With more than $760 billion market value, Google has achieved the status of the third biggest company in 2018. 

Every year, they improved. Some changes had to be added. It took years for Google to become what it is today. But, what about the homepage? Was it changed a lot during those years? Here, we will answer that question for you. Also, you will see how the homepage evolved over the years. 

The Evolution of the Google Homepage

While the search engine had to undergo some drastic changes to improve, the Google Homepage didn’t change much. The simple design remained for many years. Google launched in 1997. But, it wasn’t until 2004 that Google was available to the public. 

The iconic logo looked the same way it always has. The “Google Search” and the “I’m feeling lucky” options were even available back then. The design was simple. The search box was located right under the logo. It was easy to access. 

 As the years passed, the search engine didn’t undergo any drastic changes. The first noticeable difference was in the 2000s. The design of the letters was slightly changed. But, the way to navigate the search option remained the same.   

The first time the design of the homepage was significantly changed was in 2011. The top menu bar was highlighted in black. Even though this menu bar was available much earlier, it wasn’t until 2011 that a new color was added to the homepage menu bar. 

A few years later, the top menu bar was moved to the right. You could click on the sign-in option on the top right corner of the screen. Here, you could also access the main menu and navigate through the settings. The design of the logo was also slightly changed. But, the overall appearance of the homepage remained the same. 

The first radical change since 1996 was announced in 2017. Google implemented the app-based events, news feed, sports, and other topics. They are now all easy to access via the homepage. This was the new homepage available for tablets and smartphones. 

This added plenty of options for customization and personalization. It made it easier to highlight important events, news, music, stories, videos, and more. 



Through the years, Google didn’t change their homepage too often. Not until they announced the major change in 2017. During those years, they stuck to the same simple and sophisticated design. One that is easily recognizable today. With the search box and logo undergoing only slight changes. The overall design remained the same.