How Often Does Bumble Update Your Location

Technology has changed many aspects of our lives. Even the way we find or make a date is different. No, there is no need to walk into a party or bar to pick up a loving partner. You just have to create an online profile in the dating app of your desire and start looking. 


Most of these apps work in the same way. Do you see someone you like? Swipe right or like the profile, if the other person likes you as well, you both will get matched. Then you can start talking to see if you are meant to each other. 

However, there is an app that is somehow different from the rest. Its name is Bumble. The matching process stays the same, but the women are the ones that have to make the first approach. This gives them the power to control the situation and to avoid awkward conversations. 

Despite Bumble, and other dating apps are used by thousands of people, some of them are concerned about privacy. Bumble uses your location to show you the people who are closest to you. The reason for this should be obvious; nobody would want to get in a relationship with someone that lives far away. However, how often your location is updated? Well, it depends on the app. Here, Bumble is again different from the rest.

Location and Bumble

The first thing that you have to do when creating your account is to enable location tracking. Bumble will use this information to show the people that are nearby, and it will be displayed on your profile. However, only your general location is displayed. In other words, people won’t know exactly where you live.

You might be asking yourself; are dating apps always tracking your location? This depends again on the app. For example, most of them are always tracking where you are, even when you are not using them. This means that if you go to the beach or on a road trip, it will show you all the potential partners that are near your route; scary right? 

But here is where Bumble is again different. It only updates your current location when you are online or when someone sends you a message. So if you don’t open your app during a road trip, and nobody swipes right on your profile, or write to you during that time (so sad!), Bumble will not update your location.

Can you trick Bumble?

If you use a VPN service, you can hide your current location on Bumble. However, the app will only show you the people around you. Therefore, if the VPN places you in France, it will only show people who are based in France; so jokes on you! 

And no, there is no way to disable location tracking. Bumble relies on it to be able to show you potential matches. If you try to disable it, the app will force you to turn it on again. All you can really do is refresh your current location through the settings option.

You must sacrifice something if you don’t want to find a date in the old fashion way. What we are trying to say is that if you are looking for a date using a dating app, you have to sacrifice a little “privacy”. Besides, you can always delete your account if you either feel uncomfortable or you find your next love.