How Often Does Bumble Update Spotify

If you have been involved in at least one date, you know that you must use every tool that you have at hand. For example, reading and hobbies are good ways to break the ice, and if you are lucky enough, maybe that special someone shares one, or more, of your hobbies. Of course, this is not necessary to have a lasting relationship. The important thing is that you both enjoy each other’s company. However, having some common interests make everything easier. 


Hobbies take a bigger role in online dating. Because you can’t walk directly to meet the other person to talk with him or her. Therefore, you have to make your profile as interesting as possible. It is like making a CV for a job interview. Hence, if you want to get as much exposure as possible, you have to make yourself stand out from the rest. 

Music is maybe one of the best ways you have to connect with people. This is an awesome feature that Bumble has; it allows you to link it with your Spotify account. This way, people can see which are your favorite artists and songs that you like the most. 

Spotify usually refreshes the lists of your favorite artists and songs every once in a while. All apps linked to it should do the same. Sadly, this doesn’t happen so often with Bumble. According to some users, it can take a couple of weeks before the Bumble lists are up to date. 

But don’t worry, here you will find two tricks that will allow you to manually update your Spotify list.

Have You Tried to Disconnect and Connect It Again?

No, it is no joke. By disconnecting and connecting Spotify you will be able to update your music list. To do it, head to the profile photo, which is at the top left of the screen. And click on the tap to edit profile option; it is at the bottom of your profile picture.

After you are inside of your profile, swipe down until you find a green bar, which says “Spotify connected”. Beneath it, you will see your favorite artist list. To disconnect Spotify, just tap that bar. 

Once it is disconnected, the lists of your favorite artists will disappear, and the green bar will change its message to “Connect your Spotify”. Tap it and link Spotify again. Now, the list should be up to date. 

Log Out of Everything

It could happen that disconnecting and connecting back your Spotify account doesn’t do the trick. If you find yourself in this situation, try the following. 

Log out of both your Bumble and Spotify accounts. To disconnect from Bumble, click on the Top left corner twice. The first one will direct you to your profile and the second to the settings page. 

Once inside the settings menu, click on log out and wait until the process is finished. 

Now, log back to both accounts again, and the list should be updated. Yes, this is too much trouble for something that should update automatically. But unfortunately, it doesn’t happen. So if you don’t update it, nobody else will.