How Often Does Bumble Update Matches

Dating nowadays has made a wide turn. Now, you don’t have to walk into a bar to find your next friend or more than a friend. You can sit on your couch, relax and start looking for potential candidates. It just got that easy. However, it does not guarantee that you will find the next love of your life, but it is surely more simple.


One of the newest, and trending, dating apps is Bumble. What makes it stand for the rest is that the woman has to make the first play. Although both users must match each other, the woman is the one who must write the first message.

This makes everything easier and it gives women control of the situation. However, there are some rules, as you will see here.

Step 1

First, you have to find a match. When this happens the app will send you a notification. 

Step 2

Then you have to write something to him/her. To do it, click on the profile picture of your match, and that is all. 

Step 3

Once you click it, you will see something very curious. There is a fixed time to make the first move! You have 24 hrs. to talk to each other and to set up a date.

Step 4

After clicking it, you can start to talk to your match. Once you send the message, the other person has 24 hours to respond. If not, you are both automatically unmatch.

Step 5

If your match responds within 24 hrs. deadline, you can keep a conversation going indefinitely. Until you decide to have an actual date, or you feel that you don’t like your match any longer.

That is all, as you can see it is a very simple process. The simple rule is that you have 24 hours to make the first approach. After that, you can talk forever and ever. Obviously, if you don’t like him/her, you can always unmatch your match and that all. 

Bumble is great for people who are trying to find a loving partner, friends or expand your working network. The same rules apply; you still have 24 hours to make the first approach. 

If you don’t find anyone at the beginning, don’t worry, you can always change the filters to find other possible candidates. Also, each time that a new person joins this social network, it will appear on your screen. You just have to be patient, and a little bit selective, and that is all. 

A quick heads up, run as far away as possible from any person that has just one profile picture. Usually, legit accounts have more than one picture in their profile. You have to avoid people who have more than one person in the profile picture. Otherwise, you will match him/her because you like the photo, and you end up on a date with the ugliest person of the group. Believe me, it is very likely. 

So that’s all; happy hunting!