How Often Does Bumble Show Your Profile?

How often does Bumble show your profile? If you live in a big city, how many times will your profile card be shown to prospective daters? Two common questions we here at SwipeTips hear often on the subject of dating apps.


The inner workings of dating apps is a mystery. They are controlled by algorithms that are closely guarded and never let out into the light of day. Using them is about trust. Trust that the app will play nice and give you an equal chance of being matched by someone in your area. One common question we often hear about dating apps is how often they show your profile.

There are some things we think we know about how Bumble works and some things we aren’t so sure of. Unfortunately, one of those things we aren’t so sure of is how often Bumble shows your profile. There are a range of things that influence how often your profile is shown to prospective daters though.

Where you live

If you live in a small town with perhaps a hundred or so Bumble users, your profile is likely to be shown more often. If you live in a metro area with many thousands of Bumble users, your profile is likely not shown quite so often. Bumble is cyclical. Your profile is added to a pool of potentials within a given area. How often someone sees your profile is partly down to how many others are also using Bumble in that area.

How popular you are

While Bumble won’t confirm it, anecdotal evidence suggests popular profiles are shown first. The more your profile is swiped right on, the higher in the stack you go and the more often you will appear early in someone’s stack. Bumble isn’t the only one to allegedly use this technique, Tinder does it too.

You can’t blame the dating app for this one. They want you to see attractive people so you’re more likely to keep using the app and paying for it.

The quality of your pics

Another anecdotal finding of Bumble users is that the clearest pics appear more often than blurry or poor quality ones. What isn’t known is whether this is as a result of not being swiped right on as above or whether the algorithm can detect image quality. Either way, ensuring your profile pics are the best quality you can manage is definitely a way to increase your chances of being matched.

The quality of your bio

Images are definitely more powerful than a bio on all dating apps but on Bumble, the bio still counts. Again, it isn’t clear whether it’s the algorithm working out your bio or the lack or right swipes but fully filled out bios seem to get more action than those with just a few words or emojis. Again this is anecdotal but seems a popular theory online.

Not swiping right constantly

Bumble wants to be different from Tinder in all the right ways and one of those ways is not allowing people to swipe right on everyone just to get a match. Another theory, but backed by a wide range of users, says that profiles that have swiped right on everyone they see do not appear at the front of anyone’s queue. Difficult to prove but something to be aware of if you want to find something real on Bumble.

Verification makes no difference

As far as we can tell, having a verified account does not mean your Bumble profile will appear more often or higher up the stack. What it will do is increase your chances of being matched when you do appear. Even if you don’t appear more often, the fact that you stand a higher chance of being selected means it is well worth doing.

The Bumble algorithm is supposed to be much simpler than Tinder’s mystical ELO score or whatever replaced it. That said, it is still largely a mystery and uses a range of interconnected criteria to decide where in the stack you sit and how often your profile will appear.

Fortunately for us, it seems those same things that increase your chances of a match also increase your chances or appearing more often. Good quality images, a fully completed bio and behaving yourself when it comes to swiping. You may not be able to control where you live but you can certainly influence the rest!

Do you have any ideas of how the Bumble algorithm works? Any theories on how to get your profile to the top of the stack? Tell us about them below if you do!