How Often Do Twitch Drops Happen

Watching your favorite channels on Twitch can help you earn in-game rewards. But take note that drops are not available in all channels. And before you could be able to earn drops, you need to perform some steps. Don’t worry these steps are just very simple. 


Here are the things that you should remember before you expect earning drops:

  1. The game developer should activate in-game rewards or drops. 
  2. You connected your game account on Twitch. 
  3. You have to watch a video broadcast of the game.

How often you can earn drops depends on the game you watch. It should be emphasized that watching all games does not guarantee that you earn drops. How much you earn in every game varies because drops depend upon the developer.  That means that each program that you watch has its corresponding drops. 

Furthermore, it is the discretion of the developer how often drops happen, what item drops are available, as well as the channels they will be offered. 

Here are the steps on how you can earn drops:

  1. Log in to your Twitch account.

  2. Go to “Settings.”

  3. Look for “Connections” and select. Below you can see recommended connections.


  1. Select among the choices below. Typically, Switch recommends you to connect on Blizzard, Steam, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and League of Legends.

  2. Aside from the choices given, there are “Extensions Connections” and “Other Connections.” Try to search for the game you wish to connect on Twitch.

  1. If it is available on Twitch, then connect your account. You will need to fill an account connect form. Anyway, this will direct you to the developer’s site.
  2. Log in to your game account.

  3. If you already linked your game account, Twitch will notify you if Drops are available.

  4. If there is no notification, you should check the channel if it provides in-game drops. To do this, go back to the channel and watch videos. The more you watch videos, the more chances you will win drops.

Note 1: You need to watch videos to earn drops. How often Twitch drops happen depends on how frequently you watch videos. 

Note 2: Your favorite game may not offer drops. As mentioned earlier, drops depend mainly on your game’s developer. Maybe, you can suggest your game’s developer to offer drops on Twitch. 

Note 3: There is no schedule when drops are offered. So, if you want to be updated with drops, try to check various channels on Twitch from time to time. But there are instances when developers maintain their schedule. Anyway, try to check on the game, channel pages, or browser whether or not drops are available. 

Note 4: Even if the game offers drops, there is a possibility that you cannot earn drops if you are a broadcaster. To have chances of earning drops, just like the viewers, you also need to link your Twitch account on the developer’s account. But then, the decision on what channels have drops mainly depends upon the developer. Sometimes, developers provide drops to all channels that broadcast their game.