How Much Twitch Streamers Earn

Twitch is the best place for you to start your streaming career. It’s a platform for all gamers where they can demonstrate their awesome skills to the rest of the community. The better the content you create, the more people will join your channel. 


But, becoming a popular streamer is not something you can do overnight. It is an investment. You need a proper mic, headphones, a solid PC, etc. When people hear about the money they should invest, some may feel discouraged. They don’t know if it’s worth it. 

If you want to start your streaming career, you want to know how much money you can earn. Is it a healthy income? Can you live of it? Well today, we will show you the details. We will talk about how much streamers really make.  

Sources of Income

You can make money on Twitch from different sources. These sources provide a set amount of income. To make more money, you have to combine all of these sources and they are:

  • Donations
  • Winning tournaments
  • Affiliate links
  • Sponsorship
  • Selling custom items

Breaking Down Numbers

To give you a detailed overview of how much money you can make, we will talk about the numbers. Let’s say you have 800,000 followers. If you regularly get 10,000 views on your Twitch channel, you can make around $20,000 in a month. 

 For some people, this can be a lot of money. But, for popular streamers such as Ninja, Dr. DisRespect, Shroud, and many others, this is a basic salary. Why? Because they get even more money from brand deals and sponsorships. 

Popular streamers make money from donations. These donations are tips. They can range from hundreds to a thousand dollars per month. But, it all depends on the fans. And the thing is, Twitch takes 50% of them except the top tier creators. These creators are people who have more than 10,000 viewers on their streams. 

And from them, Twitch gets to keep not 50%, but 70% from the monthly payments from subscribers. Paid subscriptions cost $4.99. So, for popular creators, like Jeremy Wang, with more than 121,000 subscribers, they can make $423,000 in a month. And this is the income from subscribers only. 

Streamers also earn income from ads. Now, ads don’t give too much of an income but are a good boost. Streamers can earn from $2 to up to $10  for 10,000 views. Now, some streamers don’t play ads on their streams, and others enable them. So, it depends on the streamer. 

Sponsorships are types of streams where streamers are paid to play a certain game. These sponsorships can bring from 1 cent to $1 per viewer/per hour. If you have 10,000 viewers, you will get from $1,000 to $10,000 per hour. It all depends on the type of sponsorship. Sponsored videos bring plenty of income. 

To make a more stable income, streamers usually sell customized items for a certain price. Depending on the type of item, they can earn a set amount of income.


Now you know how much popular streamers earn on Twitch. As you can see, it all depends on the numbers of views they get and the sources they use. But, if you pile all the things together, the platform offers a stable income.