How Do You Add Arrows In Google Slides?

To help varying audiences understand your presentation, the addition of images, videos, shapes, and other elements to your slideshow is very important. If you try to observe, it’s actually both true and effective because most of the presentations we can see either contain a single or more image, illustrations, or videos.


And, one of the things commonly used is arrows especially when you’re trying to point the attention of your audience to something important. If this is one of the aspects you’re having difficulty with when it comes to creating presentations in Google Slides, you can put your worries away after reading this.

This guide explains the step-by-step process of adding arrows to your presentation easily.

Adding Arrows with Shapes

There are actually two ways of adding arrows to your slide. The first one is with shape and the second one is using lines. For this part, you’re going to learn about the first one — inserting an arrow with Shapes.

1. Open the project you’re currently working on.

Look for the project in Google Slides you’d like to edit and open it.

2. Select “Shape” from among the options in the toolbar.

Now, the “Shape” icon is represented by an overlapping circle and square shape. It’s located on the left side of the toolbar and once spotted, click it.

3. Click Arrow and choose your preferred arrow type to insert.

Among all the shapes, pick “Arrows” and select the type of arrow you like among the options shown. After clicking on it, that will automatically be added to the slide you’re at.

Adding Arrows with Lines

The arrows inserted with the “Line” option actually look much simpler than the ones added with Shapes. Here’s how to do it in a few steps.

1. Select “Line” in the toolbar and click “Arrows”.

After opening the presentation you want to work on, quickly access the toolbar and select the “Line” option which is represented by a diagonal line. Then, using the drop-down arrow, click Arrows among the options shown to add it.

2. Hold and drag your cursor inside the slide to create the arrow.

The arrow won’t automatically be added to your current slide and so, what you initially have to do is hold and drag your cursor to any direction to insert the arrow. Once you’ve let go of your hold on the cursor, an arrow will have already been added to your slide.

3. Freely adjust its size or format.

If you’re not satisfied with how it looks, you can still adjust and improve it by accessing the toolbar. There are options that allow you to change the weight of the arrow’s border, color, and the style of the line.

Key Takeaways

It’s amazing to know that in just a few clicks on your mouse, you’re already able to create or insert arrows as many as you like on your slide! Indeed, it may be good to add illustrations as such into your slide, but it’s also important to note that you should only keep it to a desirable level. Don’t let it reach a point where the entire presentation already looks awkward or cramped with all the shapes and elements on it.

Anyways, you can also add other kinds of shapes or lines to your presentation, not just arrows!