How Can You See Your Archived Emails In Gmail?

Deleting emails can really be a waste sometimes because it’s forever erased in your account. Thus, what we commonly tend to do is just put them on the archive. Also, this is a great way for you to keep your important emails when you don’t want them showing in your inbox.


Putting an email on the archive is very simple to do. When you’re on your phone, you can simply swipe the email to the left and it will automatically be archived. Yet, what if you want to put it back in your inbox or just wish to see all your archived emails?

If you’re having a hard time with this, I’ll teach you the easiest way to access them.

1. Open your Gmail and click “All Mail”.

This can easily be found at the bar on the left side of your screen. But if you can’t see it, click “More” and scroll down until you see it.

2. Look for the archived email you’re looking for.

Once you’re in the All Mail section, you have to manually look for the email you’re searching for. The key for you to see it is that it doesn’t have the gray text “Inbox” beside its email name. Now, this may be difficult if you’ve received a lot of emails already and are searching for a specific one from a couple of weeks ago.

If this method doesn’t work for you, don’t worry because there’s still another one you can try. Aside from manually browsing through all your emails, you can simply search for it in the search bar by putting the email address or a keyword you remember from the email.

Handle Your Emails Right

Since you can’t directly search for “archived emails” in Gmail, the process of manually looking for it may be quite heavy. However, that’s better than not being able to see any of them at all, agree?

Gmail greatly helps in keeping your emails and information safe, its archive feature is just one of them.