How Can You Check The Word Count In Google Docs?

Whether you want to write articles, assignments, or keep notes of a certain event, Google Docs is one of the tools we commonly use. It’s very similar to Microsoft Word, the only difference is that the documents you create in Docs can be shared with other users.


At present, it is widely used by a number of people not only because of useful it can be but by how easy it is to use. Now, if you’re encountering any problems with using Google Docs, let me help you with it by discussing how you can check the word count of your document.

This is essential especially when you’re writing your college essays and making a website or blog articles.

Keep on reading to know more.

1. Log into your Google account and go to Google Docs.

Before everything else, make sure that you are logged in to your account. Once you’re on Google Docs, make sure to open the document you wish to check.

2. Click the Tools option in the menu bar.

After you’ve written for a while, you may want to check your progress and now wish to know the word count of your document. To do that, click Tools at the upper part of your page.

After clicking, it will show you a list of options, simply choose “Word Count” and it will automatically show you the number of words you’ve typed in your document.

Keep Writing Comfortably

It’s very easy, right? In just a few steps and within just a number of clicks, you’ve already learned about checking the word count of your document.

Note that Google Docs has several more features that are just as great as this. Keep on using it and after a while, you can be the master of the app already!