How To Hide Twitch Chat On The PS4

First of all, the user has to get signed in. After signing in, scroll down to ‘Hide Chat’ option. This option can be selected to remove the chat window entirely for the present channel.  However, this option to hide chat can be undone as well simply by selecting the ‘Show Chat’ option that comes in replacement of the ‘Hide Chat’ option after it (Hide Chat) is selected or clicked on the chat window.


It is important to understand that clicking ‘Hide Chat;, keeping the chat elements intact on the page itself post, putting a click on ‘hide chat’ absolutely means nothing. A user up for enjoying a stream on theatre mode and clicking ‘Hide Chat’ to find a proper display size to watch the stream, and when the ‘Hide Chat’ is clicked, it simply hides the texts. However, when someone hides the prior chat to turning on the theatre mode, the entire chat disappears. This would be more useful, though.

The screen comes up with the following options after being signed in. 

Pop-out: This is meant to distinguish the present chat room from the current browser into a distinct window.

Chat Button:

Those who have got the message can simply click the ‘Chat Button’ over the keyboard to deliver the message.

In those occasions when a message is not sent, the user normally finds an error message allowing understanding the reason behind the message not being sent. It means the user give another try.


In those occasions when the chat moves at much swifter for reading a comment, one may make use of the scroll bar to reach the point where things got missed. It thus can also be useful in those occasions where a person would wish to go through the chats or comments altogether differently. One can reach the point of being very specific through the scroll.

Chat Basics

Chat is indeed the most fundamental aspect of enjoying Twitch. This is crucial as it lets the users have interaction with the other members, as well as with an entire community. Moreover, the option allows communicating with the streamers as well.

Stream Chat:

This section is pretty crucial. From this section, a user can witness the chat he/she is at present. It is also possible to make a switch to other chat rooms created by the streamer, in those cases where it remains available. In short, it provides greater flexibility.

Users in Chat:

Through this feature or section, a user manages to find the entire line-up of the viewers. At the same time witnessing the list of viewers those are presently logged in with the chat room, it also allows the user to go through the sections like Broadcaster, Moderators, Admin, as well as the Staff section.

Chat Field:

This is a handy feature of the user’s perspectives. It allows the user to type down messages over there for the entire channel to witness.

Cheering Button:

The prime purpose of this feature is to make ‘Cheering’ apparent through the options of Bits. It can be done by selecting the ‘Cheering’ icon. However, there are various aspects of the button; those are mostly meant for the specific usage.

Emoticon Button:

There are various emoticons one can find over PS4. This button allows the user to witness that emotes a channel is having upon going for the subscription of the same. Those who are already subscribed, all that they need are to put a click on the ‘Emoticon’ key and pick an icon to put in the emoticon within the available text field. This is now available to be delivered.

For customisation

One has to go through the ‘Settings’ section to have a customized chat experience. All that the user has to do is to click the ‘Settings’ icon to find out the entire options for having a personalised chat experience. There are various options one can find over there. For example, one can select the desired colour going through the ‘Colour’ section. One can also create custom colouring effect. It is also possible to prepare a customised colourisation by the background.

All these sections are useful from user perspectives. However, the most important one that every user must go through is ‘Show Chat Rules’. This is meant to go through the rules of the chat that a streamer has established for the concerned channel. Apart from this, there are also the community guidelines provided for the Twitch; those are equally essential to be gone through.