How To Hide Apps on the Firestick

Kodi, that is Amazon’s second-generation streaming stick has a huge fanbase behind. This is one such open-source software that lets you stream all sorts of content on almost every device. The open-source media center has tons of add-ons and much more available for installation within the software all across the globe.


Though the streaming stick is quite beneficial and the capabilities are endless, but you can’t also dissent from the fact that there are certain limitations to the firestick when it comes to functionality and features. One such limitation is the security and customization concern as in hiding of app on the Firestick.

Hiding Amazon installed apps on Fire

You can take the instance of the dating apps or anything like Tinder that you would want to keep a bit personal. There are so many times when we intend to keep the apps to ourselves and don’t want to let them show to anybody. Yes, you heard it right! You can easily hide the Amazon installed apps on fire and that too without root and launcher. But with the below-mentioned steps, you can easily without any launcher.

  • The first thing to do after you install the apps on Firestick is to take put a minute and transfer your preferences to the foreground of the home screen’s app rank.
  • After you are done with that what you have to do is to press the remote’s menu button and highlight the app that you want to hide.
  • After that select move and you can access a distinguished list where you can walk the app throughout. If you want, then you can also move other apps around in the same menu, but for that, you have to select them first.
  • You can either keep pressing the select button to choose the app or swiftly move the necessary apps to the front of the list by clicking on the menu and selecting move to the front.
  • You can then see the apps at the top of the list appearing first on the home page.


 Ways to sneak uninstalled applications

This one is quite simpler than the way that you use to remove the installed apps. If you hold more than individual fire devices or a fire tablet, then you may find that your app list is maybe cluttered with software that is installed previously and you have negative intentions of using it.

Have you made up your mind to hide these applications from your menu? If yes then you can always command to settings, then move to applications, and after that, you may open the app store. There you can always facilitate the “Hide cloud apps” option and hide the uninstalled apps that you find offending, unnecessary, or unappealing.

Way to instantly view all the apps

If you want to inspect the apps all at once, then you can always long-press and command Kodi to sleep to access the Settings list. But the most agile way to do this is to propel an app from wherever you want on Fire TV and press down the home button and click on “Apps.”

What are the other secret features?

Yes, you have paid for the services and features of the Firestick, and you need to take advantage of every bit of it. Do you want to make the most of Amazon’s media streamers? If yes, then here are some secret hacks that can help you to launch apps with dexterity, browse faster and avoid communication annoyances with Kodi.

If you prefer to keep your screen organized rather than keeping it messy, then you can always opt for rearranging your apps as per your desired convenience.

  • Apart from that, you can also make use of the watchlist, and you can add things of your choice to the watchlist and bookmark the programs that are your all-time favorite.
  • You also get the privilege to establish apps remotely and compel Alexa to run to associate AI with normal TV features.
  • You can use the guide for live TV and turn off the auto-play for undesirable trailers.

You can always hide the app of your choice to make your overall experience with the firestick much better. There is undoubtedly a reason for which Fire TV is in great demand now, and the prime one for it is the versatile range of features and the customization ability as well as the flexibility of the app making it a smarter option over the frustratingly slow ones.