Here’s How To Easily Block Email Addresses In Gmail

An email is a powerful tool, used not only for professional correspondence but also for a variety of other purposes. We use it to communicate with friends and family, send digital files, manage our online accounts, and many more.


That’s why Gmail, a free web-based email service, has become very popular and is now used by several individuals. Even you could create multiple Gmail accounts. However, the ease of sending email means your inbox(es) can quickly be filled with spam.

To manage your emails, it’s sometimes necessary to block these email addresses. But, how do you actually do it? Here’s how you can easily block them in a few simple steps.

Blocking Email Addresses on a Computer

1. Open your Gmail and click on the email you wish to block.

When you log into your Gmail account, you’ll notice the list of emails you’ve received from several users. Scroll through them and look for the email you want to block.

2. Click “More” on the upper-right corner and choose block.

Once you’re done with the first step, locate the three dots beside the name of the email address. It’s at the upper-right corner as shown in the picture below. Click it and choose “Block” from the options shown.

Blocking Email Addresses on a Mobile Device

The process is actually similar to how you do it when you’re on a desktop, but the interface just seems different. The possibility of getting confused when using the app might still happen so to help you with that, these are the basic steps you need to follow.

1. Once on Gmail, select the email you want to block.

Again, you’ll see the list of all the emails you’ve received. Once, you’ve seen the email you’re looking for, click it. Below is an example of what you’ll see after clicking an email.

2. Click “More” and choose block.

It may seem a bit different, but the more button on mobile still appears as the three vertically stacked dots. Click on it and choose “Block user” which will appear at the bottom part of the screen.

Handle Your Emails Effectively

Blocking email addresses is easier than expected, right? With only two simple steps, you were to achieve what you want and manage your emails properly.

Avoid an email full of spam with this simple guide!