Here’s How To Create Hyperlink In Gmail With Just A Few Steps

We commonly see hyperlinks in different blogs, website articles, and other things similar. However, why is it frequently used by people and what’s the purpose of it? Well, hyperlinks are inserted in many articles to make it convenient for readers to visit another link that’s related to the topic or subtopic they’re discussing.


Another reason is that it’s kind of a way to advertise a product or service by inserting their links in specific keywords from an article. Guess what? You can actually do that in Gmail too! If you’re talking to somebody and want them to visit a particular site, creating hyperlinks can be a great technique you can apply.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t know how to do it because right now, you’ll learn everything you need in this article.

1. Start by composing a new email.

Log in to your account and click the “Compose” button found on the sidebar on your left part of the screen.

2. Begin typing and highlight the text you want to insert with a link.

Afterward, begin composing your message and make sure to type in the email address of the person you’re sending it to, as well as the subject of the email. Once you’re done, highlight the particular phrase or text where you want to insert a link with as shown below.

3. Click the hyperlink button on the toolbar.

Then, click the hyperlink button at the toolbar on the window for composing emails.

4. Paste the link to the space provided.

Make sure to copy the link of the specific website you’re planning to attach to the text and paste it on the space provided in Gmail.

5. Click “OK” once done.

If you’ve already double-checked and everything seems right for you, that’s the only time you should click the “OK” button at the bottom-right part of the pop-up window. It will automatically attach the link to the text you’ve highlighted.

Compose Emails Professionally

Basically, you can treat Gmail as Google Docs when you’re writing an email to someone. It’s because aside from being able to create hyperlinks, you can also do some of the things you’re capable of doing in Google Docs such as writing in bold, underlined, and italicized texts. You can also add bullet points, change the font style and size, and edit the text alignment.