Here’s How To Add Page Numbers In Google Docs Easily

We usually see page numbers in text books, magazines, research papers, brochure, newspapers and many more. But, what if you’re tasked to create a similar piece of article that requires you to have page numbers for everything? In Google Docs, you don’t really have to worry about it anymore because they have a feature that automatically adds page numbers to your document.


The question is, how will you do it? If you’re not familiar with adding pag numbers in Google Docs and are new to trying it, here’s the perfect guide you can check for the detailed steps.

1. Open the Google Docs you wish to edit.

Go to Google Docs on your tab and click on the document you wish to work on.

2. Go to Page Numbers on the Menu bar.

You won’t easily spot this on the menu bar, you first have to click “Insert” and among all the options provided, select “Page numbers”.

You could also find Page Numbers under the Format label on your menu bar.

3. Choose where to put your page numbers.

After clicking page numbers under “Insert” on the menu bar, you will be given four options where you get to choose whether you want them on the upper-right or lower-right part of your page. Also, you have the choice to start the page number on the first page or title page, or begin numbering on the second one.

However, when you click more options or access page numbers on the Format section in the menu bar, here’s how it will look like:

It basically is the same thing as the previous one, the format is just different. Once you’re done inputting your desired setting, click the blue button that says “Apply”.

Organize Your Pages in Docs

Though the features it offer for the page numbers are quite limited, the good news is it still made doing what you need or desire easier for you. With just a few clicks, you can already put page numbers on the entire document, saving you the time you’d supposedly consume when you manually do it.

With this guide to help you, try exploring about adding page numbers to your document with ease!