How To Hard Factory Reset Galaxy S10 Without Password

Samsung Galaxy S10 comes with an incredible feature, i.e., here password or the established security set-up is felt essential while making the device switched-off, as well as while restarting the same. This feature is also available there with Galaxy S10 Plus and S10e.


However, forgetting the password is indeed not something astonishing for a human being. What to do than being a Samsung Galaxy S 10 user upon forgetting the password? Good news is that it is possible to bypass the password request and thus going for a factory reset. It can also be useful on those occasions when a user wants simply to restart the device and make the password request go bypassed.

How can this be advantageous?

The above-mentioned strategy can be useful in many ways. First of all, the security feature demanding password for simply switching off a device can be hectic in case a person forgets the password or his/her password is changed without his/her notice. The strategy of bypassing the password can be useful on such occasions. In fact, it can be handy to unlock any kind of lock, be it about through PIN, Patterns, etc.; apart from passwords. Moreover, the trick can be useful for the devices like Galaxy S10 Plus and Galaxy S10e as well, apart from simply Galaxy S 10. Check out the procedure explained below.

Method of bypassing the password:

It is important here to note that the process demands perfect timing, which means one may have to repeat the process.

First of all, remove the Google account from the concerned device to avoid FRP- Factory Reset Protection, from getting involved and thus demanding the mail id or password post-re-establishing. Google account should also be removed to avoid the issues of users getting stuck in the middle, after forgetting the password. It would be even better to have a backup for the device, if possible.


  1. To start with, first press the Volume down key and Power, and hold the both for a period of ten to eleven seconds exactly. This is going to result in to a deliberate restart, and the device won’t be asking for any kind of password. It is again here to remind that the timing is crucial.
  2. After holding the keys as mentioned above for the given period of time, now it’s time hold the Power, volume up, and Bixby key. Here one needs to ensure that the display remains black. In those occasions when the device is still found switched on or simply remains active, one should understand the timing was not perfect. In such occasions, the only option remained is to retry the things straight from the first step.
  3. Once the timing is maintained correctly, and the steps as explained above are followed well, the desired outcome can be got. If everything is done right as explained above, one can witness the startup icon of Samsung, along with the three keys. Upon finding the blue display with the Android folk, one should move ahead of the buttons. These things can surely be reached if the timing is maintained well.
  4. After reaching the steps as of above, it is time to make use of the volume up key and the down key for navigation purpose. The power key can be used to select. In this context, one has to visit Wipe data/factory reset. It is here to note that this prompt is going to remove the entire set of data from the device may get erased; hence if the OK appears on the other screen, one should select ‘Yes’ to confirm it, and let the phone to function as it is required.
  5. Once the steps as of above is followed and resulted as explained, one should move ahead and simply restart the device. Upon getting finished with the job, all that needs is to set-up the device in a fresh way. Upon finishing, the device is going to boot straightaway, and the concerned user has to setup the device freshly. Once these things are done, the phone is going to initiate. Most importantly, it is not going to demand any password.

This is a tested method and has been followed for Samsung Galaxy S 10, delivering the results as desired. However, as explained above, the success of the attempt or the desired outcome can only be got if the steps mentioned above are followed well, with proper timing. The method should also work for the Samsung Galaxy S 10 Plus, and Samsung Galaxy S10.