Grouping Images In Google Docs

Ever got tired of having to move a group of pictures one by one? Especially during times when you’ve already arranged the positioning of those pictures meticulously. Well, say no more! 

Google Docs

With Google Docs, you are given the option to group your images into a single photo. Through this, moving pictures and arranging them would become relatively easier as compared to doing it one at a time. 

However, note that this function can only be availed if you’re using Google Docs through your personal computers. Unfortunately, if you are on your mobile device, grouping images would somehow be impossible to do. 

1. Navigate to the Google Docs website.

Open your usually used web browser and navigate your way to the Google Docs website. Make sure to log into your account before you follow the next steps. 

2. Open the document you wish to format.

After signing in to your account, browse all your documents and choose the one you want to edit. Click on the document that you’ve chosen to open.

3. Place your text cursor wherever you want to insert the grouped images.

Locate where you want to place the images. Upon doing this, place your text cursor to your desired location, so that the images will appear exactly on that spot. 

4. Click the “Insert” menu. 

After placing your text cursor to your desired location, find the “Insert” menu from the bar located on the upper portion of your screen. Click on the said menu to make a drop-down list appear.

5. Hover your cursor on “Drawing” from the drop-down list.

On the drop-down list, a set of submenus will appear such as Image, Table, Drawing, Chart, etc. Hover your cursor on the “Drawing” submenu to make another drop-down list appear. 

6. Select “New.”

The second drop-down list that will appear contains two options — New and From Drive. Click on “New.” Doing this will make a pop-up window appear, which is also known as the Drawing tool in Google Docs.

7.  Insert images in the pop-up window.

To insert images in the Drawing tool, you must locate the “Insert a photo” icon, which is most probably the last icon from the toolbar on the pop-up window. Click on that icon to insert the photos that you wish to group. Keep in mind that you can’t insert them simultaneously. You’ll have to insert them one by one in the Drawing tool. 

Note that you may arrange them in any way you wish them to be so that when you’ve already grouped them, they will appear the way you’ve arranged them in the Drawing tool.

8. Select all the images that you’ve inserted in the Drawing tool.

After inserting all the images that you wish to group, select all of them by using this keyboard shortcut: Ctrl + A. Press on both these keys simultaneously to select all the photos. 

9.  Click “Actions” from the menus on the window.

After making sure that you’ve selected all the images you inserted, click on the “Actions” menu from the bar on the upper corner of the pop window. From there, a drop-down list will appear.

10. Click “Group” from the list.

The drop-down list that will appear contains a lot of options, so locate and click on “Group” to achieve the format that you’re aiming for. 

11. Click “Save and Close” to insert your grouped image into your document.

After grouping the photos you’ve selected, click on “Save and Close” to insert the grouped photo into your document. Make sure to check if you’ve successfully grouped all the photos you’ve selected before clicking on “Save and Close” to avoid doing the process all over again.


Time is essential, they say. You wouldn’t want to waste your time arranging a group of pictures individually, right? Especially if you’re on a tight schedule. This is the reason why it’s important to be aware of what Google Docs can offer, as it helps you finish your work more conveniently. Although grouping images might seem as hard as it sounds, through the help of the aforementioned steps, you’ll be able to accomplish it easily.