Grouping Emails From The Same Sender In Gmail

If you frequently receive an email from a specific sender and always need to bring up essential information from all the emails that person sends, there’s a way to make everything easier for you — grouping emails from the same sender.


Our inbox list often looks messy as there might be several emails from different email addresses we receive daily. In this case, looking for a specific email thread or sender might take you hours if you just manually scroll your inbox.

Aside from searching a keyword or the name of the sender on the search bar, grouping emails sent by a single sender could also work best for you. If you’ve never tried doing that before, this guide has laid out the simple steps you have to follow.

1. Open Gmail then log in to your account.

To start grouping messages from the same sender in Gmail, you must open your browser first then go to Gmail. Make sure that your account is signed in.

2. Mark the checkbox beside the email of the particular sender.

Check the box next to the sender’s email address whose messages you want to group in the inbox list.

3. Click the “More” button then select “Filter Messages Like These.”

Click on the three dots or the “more” button on the toolbar, then choose “Filter Messages Like These” from the available options. Doing this will open a new pop-up window.

4. Click the button “Create Filter.”

The filter criteria are automatically filled with the sender’s email address, so all you need to do is click the “Create filter” button.

5. Select the “Apply the Label” option then click the down arrow beside “Choose the label.”

You must determine the filter to apply to the emails of the sender you have chosen. You must select the “Apply the label” option and click the down arrow next to the “Choose the label” tag.

6. Choose the “New label” option.

When you click the down arrow, a small drop-down list will appear, from which you should select “New label.”

7. Enter the name of the sender then click “Create.”

On your screen, a pop-up window will appear. Enter a name for the label you’re creating. In this case, what’s recommended is to put the sender’s name in the space provided to easily identify and bring it up once you need its contents. Afterward, click the “Create” button in the pop-up window to save.

8. Mark the checkbox labeled as “Apply filter to matching conversations.”

In addition to checking the “Apply the label” box, also fill in the “Apply filter to matching conversations” checkbox. By ticking this box, you will be able to group existing emails from the sender you’ve chosen.

9. Click the “Create Filter” button to save the changes.

Overall, you should have enabled the “Apply the label” and “Apply filter to matching conversations” options. After that, click the “Create Filter” button to confirm your modifications.

10. Click the new label on Gmail’s left panel.

If you correctly grouped the emails from a specific sender, the label will appear on the left panel of Gmail. To view all emails from the sender, click the label.


You can repeat the process of grouping emails from the same sender as many as you need it. Yet in doing so, make sure that you’ve properly named each to avoid any confusion for you. If you follow all the steps indicated in this guide, I’m sure there won’t be any difficult problem you will encounter.