Google Sheets: Deleting An Entire Sheet

Making mistakes is inevitable. No matter what we do nor where we are, it’s always a part of our lives. That’s why things such as erasers and the function delete are invented — to allow us to feel somehow what it’s like making amends. 

Google Sheets

Moreover, deleting nowadays enables us to modify what we’ve done and gives us a chance to remove things that we no longer find significant formally. May it be matters about life in general, specific input errors, or even spreadsheets themselves. 

On the Web Browser

If you organize your spreadsheet on your computer and come across a sheet that appears to be useless, you can delete it from your file. If you use this method, you can delete a sheet with just a few clicks.

1. Go to Google Sheets then choose a spreadsheet that contains the sheet you want to remove.

Go to your web browser and then open Google Sheets. After you’ve signed in to your account, go through each spreadsheet and determine which one needs to be edited.

2. Select a sheet by clicking the drop-down arrow next to its name.

There’s a chance that the spreadsheet has multiple sheets, so choose which one to delete and then click the drop-down arrow next to that sheet’s name or label. In this example, I want to delete the first sheet.

3. A new menu list will appear on your screen.

When you click the drop-down arrow, a menu will appear on your screen with various options to apply to your sheets, such as duplicating, renaming, deleting, and many more.

4. Click the “Delete” button from this list.

To remove a sheet from the file, you are editing. You must select the “Delete” button from the available options.

5. A pop – up message will appear on your screen, then you must select “OK.”

A “Heads Up” pop-up window will appear on your screen to confirm the action you are about to take. If you are certain that you want to delete the selected sheet, click the “OK” button.

On Mobile Application

Even when using Google Sheets on your phone, you can delete an entire sheet. All you have to do is follow these steps.

1. Click the arrow beside your chosen sheet for a menu list to appear.

If you’re already in the spreadsheet where the sheet you want to delete is located, all you have to do now is click on the drop-down arrow next to the sheet’s title. This will display a menu of options.

2. Select “Delete” from the options.

To continue removing the page from the spreadsheet, select the “Delete” option from the menu that appeared.

3. Confirm this activity by selecting “OK” from the pop-up window.

Before Google deletes the specific sheet, you must first confirm by clicking the “OK” button on the pop-up window.


Knowing how to delete certain items in your spreadsheet is essential as it helps remove unnecessary ones. Also, practically speaking, it grants you the advantage of saving space. However, you must not forget to think before you click — as in, think twice before clicking delete.

Not everything you delete can quickly be recovered. Although Ctrl + Z or “Undo” can save you from such a hassle, you should still be certain that that’s the item or sheet you wanted to delete.