Google Sheets: Adding Bullet Points In A Single Cell

Bullet points are the first thing that comes to mind when making a list. They help us organize our thoughts and information by allowing us to separate one thing from another.

Google Sheets

You can insert bullet points with a few clicks on other platforms, such as Google Docs, but how does it work in Google Sheets? Is it possible to include bullet points in a single cell as well? Furthermore, can you do it on a smartphone or a computer?

If you’re looking for answers to those questions, you’ve come to the right place. If you continue reading, you’ll discover how to add bullet points to Google Sheets.

On your computer

1. Open your web browser then go to go Google Sheets.

First of all, you must open your computer browser and then navigate to Google Sheets. Make sure that your account that contains the spreadsheet you want to edit is logged in.

2. Choose a file that you want to edit.

After that, if all of your existing spreadsheets are visible, you should browse through them all and then select the file to which you want to add bullet points.

3. Select the cell where you want to add bullet points.

If the selected spreadsheet is already available on your screen, you should now decide which cells require bullet points. To select that cell, double-click it.

4. Type in the CHAR function.

Now, you should type in the CHAR function which is “=CHAR(9679).” Enter that exact formula in the cell that you’ve selected.

5. Press the “Alt” key and “Enter” on your keyboard.

If you simply click enter after step four, you will be directed to a new cell. To avoid this from happening, instead of pressing the enter button directly, press the “Alt” key first, then press “Enter.”

6. Add another bullet point using the same method.

To add another bullet point, go back to steps four and five and repeat the process until you’ve entered the required number of bullet points.

On your mobile device

1. Launch the mobile application.

If you want to add bullet points to your spreadsheet with your phone, you must first launch the Google Sheets mobile app. Following that, ensure that your account is logged in.

2. Tap twice on the cell where you want to add bullet points.

Now, tap the cell where you want to add bullet points twice to bring up a keyboard.

3. Input the CHAR function.

Using the keyboard that showed up, type the CHAR function which is ” =CHAR(9679). “

4. Click the checkmark beside the function.

Check the function you’ve entered and, if it’s correct, click the checkmark next to it to apply the changes.

Additional Information

Although the method described above is very effective, there is another way to add bullet points to your Google Sheets. It is done through the use of a keyboard shortcut.

To accomplish this, simply open the spreadsheet containing the cell you want to edit. Then, double-click the cell or press “f2” on your keyboard, then hold “Alt” and hit “7.”

You will now have a bullet point on your selected cell.