Google Drive: Disabling Outside File Sharing

Google Drive is one of the leading cloud storage in the world. This is because it allows you to store your files and such, allowing you to share your files and folders with others. Pretty neat, isn’t it?

Google Drive

However, there are times when sharing files must be put to an end, especially if you’re no longer collaborating with that person and you need to protect the privacy of your files. Google Drive enables you to share your files and unshares them in case you ever encounter problems like this. 

Just follow the few simple steps below, and you’ll soon be ready to welcome your privacy back!

1. Open Google Drive.

Open your web browser and use it to navigate your way to your Google Drive account. Make sure that you’re logged into the website for you to access your files.

2. Select the file that you want to disable the sharing feature with.

Upon opening your Google Drive, browse all the files you have stored there and select the one you want to disable the sharing feature with.

3. Right-click on the file that you’ve selected.

After selecting the file you wish to disable the sharing feature, right-click on it. This will make a list of options appear.

4. Click on the “Share” option from the list.

The dropdown list that will appear contains several options such as Preview, Open with, Share, Get a link, Show file location, Add shortcut to drive, etc. Among those options, locate “Share” and click on it. This will make a pop-up window appear.

5. Click the dropdown menu beside the name of the person you’ve shared the file with.

The “Share with people and groups” pop-up window will contain the list of the people you’ve shared your selected file with. Click on the dropdown menu beside the name of the person you’ve shared your file with to make a list appear.

6. Click “Remove” from the list.

The dropdown menu will contain a set of options such as Viewer, Commenter, Editor, Transfer ownership, and Remove. Click on the “Remove” option to formally remove that person from the file. This will disable the sharing feature of that file with that person. 

Repeat steps 5 and 6 if you’ve shared the file with multiple people and you want to unshare it with all of them.

7. Click “Save.”

If you’re already finished removing the people you’ve shared the file with, click the “Save” button. Your changes will be automatically applied.

Working with Google Drive

Google Drive offers a lot of conveniences, especially in storing and sharing files. Furthermore, it helps you save space on your devices since you’ll end up storing your files and folders in them. Although sharing files in your Drive could be quickly done with just a few clicks, there’s no doubt that you’ll also feel the same way with unsharing them. Just remember the preceding steps by heart, and you’ll never have a hard time trying to figure out how to undo the sharing you’ve just made.