Google Docs: How To Change The Slide Size

Since I’ve begun using Google Slides, I only worked using the default slide size and so, I didn’t know that it was actually possible to change or customize the size of the slides for your presentation. Well, having this experience, I’m sure some of you have had a similar one too. If you also didn’t know you could change the slide size in Google Slides, then it’s a great thing you came across this article!


If you’re wondering what’s the purpose of changing the slide size, it’s to suit the type of presentation or file it is you’re creating. For example, if you decided to create a brochure using Google Slides, then the default one might not be effective to have the best layout for your content. It might be too small or some spaces might be unused and so, for these reasons, changing your current slide size becomes very important.

Now, I’m going to tell you more about how it’s done as you continue reading this guide.

1. Open Google Slides and think about the content you’re planning to make.

Open a blank presentation in Google Slides and decide whether you just want to make content for an ordinary presentation, poster, magazine, or brochure. Make sure that before you move on to the next step, you’ve already decided about what it is you’re about to create.

2. Open File and click “Page Setup”.

The File can easily be seen on the upper-left side of the menu bar. Once you have already located it, click then read through all the options until you can see the “Page Setup” label. That’s where you can edit the size of your slide.

3. Set your preferred slide size.

A pop-up menu will appear where you’ll get to select which size you want your slide to be changed into. You can choose between standard and widescreen, or simply customize your desired size if it isn’t among the two options.

4. Select “Apply” and check if it fits what you’ll be making.

After you’ve applied the new slide size, it will automatically change your current one. Now, what’s left for you to do is check if that’s a perfect size and if you’re already satisfied with it. Otherwise, make your final changes until you achieve your desired slide size.

Key Points

It’s a good thing how we can use Google Slides not merely for creating presentations, but in making other types of content as well. The slide size is just one among the countless amazing features it has to offer you when it comes to working on creative outputs easily. Tools as such undoubtedly make your tasks much convenient and light for you, agree?

If you want to discover more about how Google Slides can be of help to you, feel free to check more of our comprehensive how-to guides!