Gmail: How To Print Emails

We all know that Gmail is a great platform for professional communication which is why it’s commonly used by different businesses in communicating with other businesses or brands they would possibly be collaborating with. However, that’s not everything to it, Gmail is also great for personal use and as a tool to communicate with your job employer and colleagues, academic professors, and many more.


And when you want to look back or search for your previous message threads, you can easily do so by typing in the search bar. Yet, what if what you need is not its soft or digital copy but the printed one? Does Gmail allow email printing? The answer to that is yes and if that’s what you’re aiming to do, we have everything you need in this guide!

In just a few steps, you’re going to learn more about it.

1. Open your Gmail account.

Of course, this is the most important step you have to accomplish. To access all the emails you have, you must first log in to your Gmail account.

2. Click on the email you want to print.

When printing an email, be careful of what you select when it comes to wanting to print an email thread or just an individual. A common mistake that happens is printing the whole email thread when what you just wanted was an individual message, and vice-versa. To help clarify things to you, here’s what you need to follow.

Printing an Individual Email

This is easy because when you click a single email, there won’t be any confusion that might occur because the entire email only contains one message. Upon clicking the email, look to the upper-right part of it and scan for the printer icon. Once you’ve already spotted it, simply click to print.

Afterward, what’s left for you to do is select the destination as well as your preferred number of copies and print it.

However, if the email you want to print is part of a specific email thread, the printer icon you should click shouldn’t be the one at the top, but the three-dot icon directly on the right side of it.

Then, select the “Print” option.

Printing an Email Thread

On the other hand, printing an entire email thread is already made simple for you. At the upper-right side of the entire email, click the printer icon and it will automatically present you with a document containing all the messages from the email.

The Bottom Line

Knowing that Gmail allows its users to print all the emails they have in their account is truly helpful for different purposes. Plus, the good thing about it is that it can be done in a less complicated process and can be finished with just a few clicks on the mouse and keyboard.

Well, that’s everything we have for you on this guide! If you want to learn more about the varying how-to guides we provide, you can simply check our site anytime and we can surely assure you that we have what you’re looking for.