Gmail How To Delete All From One Sender

Have you ever thought of deleting all emails received from one sender? If this sounds surprising, then you must read this with your eyes open and a notebook ready. When there is a sender, a receiver must also be there. And, for the receiver, there, will be a point of time when the emails can turn a backlog. Obviously, you are thinkin,g, right! You need to delete them to release some cache memory. At the same particular time, email programs of certain platforms allow you to delete multiple emails from a specific sender.


Your inbox gets filled with notifications, promotions, newsletters, and everything that flies into. Abruptly, if you go on counting, your inbox would disa play that you are rewarded with 20 to 30 thousand messages which can be upsetting.

You can get down from thousands to zero without even taking the baby from the bathtub which will not take more than 30 minutes. If you want to give a try to free up your bloated inbox, come join along.

Manual for your Gmail Inbox to give away messages

The simple steps that will be provided herein below will get the trash out of your Gmail inbox as you chop a hanging fruit. The steps to furnish the subjects are elucidated. There are 7 methods to complete this task. This guide will elaborate only 3 for your better understanding.

METHOD 1: Use on your desktop site

  1. Gmail Account

Without any advice, log in to your Gmail account. This is the first thing to do when you want to scrutinize your Google inbox. This method works from any browser. It completes the purpose for both Mac and Windows computers.

  1. Type the email address

From the search option present at the middle of the page, type the Email address and click ↵ Enter.  Once you enter the credential, you will get the list of emails received from the address.

  1. Select the box

In the left-hand side corner of the opened email, you will get to see a square-sized box placed just left to the ‘refresh’ sign. Clicking this you can select all the files listed under it. You can click it again to edit your preference.

  1. Trash Icon

What you will do next is from the left part of the Gmail screen, if you could mark on the fourth number there is a trash option levied there. When the pop-up option is prompted you can confirm by clicking OK.

  1. Trash tab

On the left side of the computer’s screen you will find a Trash tab. you can trash all the emails. Even if you don’t do it, automatically the trash removes junk files.

  1. Empty Trash Now

You can click on the “empty trash now” to delete all the files stored in the trash.

Method 2: From Gmail App on a Phone or Tablet

  1. Find the white envelope in your phone’s home screen. This is Gmail app. Log in if you have not from the app.

  2. Enter the email address from where you want to delete the files.

  3. Select the trash icon to move the emails to trash which will automatically delete the messages after 30 days.

  4. But, if you want to delete it currently, tap on empty the trash icon to remove permanently all the files from the sender’s thread.

Method 3: from the Outlook App

  1. Open the Outlook app. At the bottom of the screen, you will find the search option. Enter the email address of the sender.

  2. Not favoring your luck factor, Outlook app does not come with multiple delete options. You have to open each file to delete the emails.

  3. Once you tap on the trash icon, the email will be deleted. Continue till all the messages are deleted.

The same steps can be followed to delete all the files from one sender using the Mail App on an iPhone or iPad, on Mac and from the Yahoo Mail on a computer. The above-mentioned maneuver is the tested steps to use and implement when you want to delete email sin bulk.

The benefits of Gmail cannot be overlooked in receiving huge chunks of notifications. The storage space, online anywhere access, storing instant messages, video conferencing, easy search, and synchronization of data cannot be replaced with any other email service code.

In the digital world, a layman understands the features installed in it. What can be more beneficial for society? Use Gmail. It is free of cost. This Tuesday, Gmail will enter into its 10th year.