Gmail How To Block Emails From One Sender

Are you getting five forwarded emails from one person every single day? Have you tried convincing them to stop sending you emails? Forwarded emails will only keep on coming. There is no end to them. 

Some people simply don’t care that they send hundreds of emails all the time. They will ignore you and keep sending more. Don’t worry, you can deal with this problem. If you don’t want to bother yourself with the emails you get from one particular sender, you can stop them from sending emails.

You don’t have to delete the emails you get. All you have to do is block them. We will show you how to do it. That’s why we have prepared this guide for you. Just make sure to follow all the steps and you will block that person in no-time. Here is how you can do it.

Step 1

The first thing you should do is open your Gmail account. Log in with your username and password. Next, go to the Inbox menu. It is on the left side of the screen. Click on it. Scroll through all of your emails and find the one you get from that one particular sender. Open their email. 

On the top right corner of the email, you will see three vertical dots. This is the Settings menu for that one email. Click on it. 

Step 2

Now, a drop-down menu will appear. What you want to do is click on the “Block” option that displays the name of the sender. It should be somewhere in the middle of the menu. 


Step 3

Google will ask you if you are sure you want to block future messages from this particular sender. Click on “Block” to confirm your decision. Now, the emails you get from them will be directly archived in the Spam folder on your Gmail account.

Step 4

If you see this dark grey notification on the top of your open email, it means you have successfully blocked that sender. You can unblock them by clicking on “Unblock sender”. Or, you can directly move that email to the Spam folder. 

If that sender sends a new email, you will only be able to access it via the Spam folder. In other words, you will never get them in your Inbox. Simple, effective, and an easy way to deal with the problem. Now that sender will never bother you again. 


Some people don’t care if they send one or a million emails every day. They will keep spamming you with something you don’t want to see. Your Inbox will quickly get flooded with emails. If that’s the case, you can easily block that person. Once you do it, you will never see their email in the Inbox section anymore. 

Now that you know how to do it, go ahead and give it a try. Get rid of those forwarded emails with a simple click of a button. Let us know if you found this step-by-step guide helpful in the comment section below.