Gmail How To Block Advertisements

Gmail is one of the most famous email services in the world. The perks of having a Gmail account is that you will have access to a lot of great features such as Google Drive, Hangouts, and Google docs; to name a few. Additionally, all the data of your Android device is backed up in the cloud, which means that you can have access at any time; anywhere you want. This comes in handy if you ever need to either change devices or restore it to factory settings.


Gmail, as you can see, is more than just a simple email service. It has transformed into some sort of workbench, where you can find all the tools that you need. Most of the basic services are free. But if you want, for example, to increase your drive storage beyond the initial 15 GB, you will have to pay for it. 

But not everything is as free as it seems; why? Well, everyone knows that Google tracks every search you make from any device linked to your Gmail account. And you want to know what Google does with it? They sell that information to other companies such as Instagram, where you will see profiles related to the searches that you’ve made. Or Google will slip some ads to your Gmail feed. This is maybe the most annoying thing because, on Instagram, you just scroll down or block the account, but in Gmail, it will overcrowd your inbox. Therefore, you could miss an important email. 

Follow this procedure if you want to put a stop to this madness (it’s a little rash; I know). 

Step 1

Open your Gmail account from your PC and click on the gear icon, which is at the top right corner.

Step 2

A new set of options will appear on the screen. Choose the one that says “Configure inbox” it is the second option from the top down. 

Step 3

You can customize which messages you want to exclude, or include, from your inbox. In this case, you have to unmark the option that says promotions. It usually located beneath the “Social” option.

Now, your inbox should be free of all emails containing promotions. It is also recommended to install an adblocker extension on Chrome. For that search for any Ad blocker for Gmail and click on add to Chrome option.

A pop-up alert will ask you to confirm your selection; hit add to Chrome. 

This extension will delete all the ads that appear on either the beginning of the inbox page or at its bottom. Additionally, it will remove all the ads from any of the Gmail sections. However, this only works from the browser, not the smartphone app; don’t get mad at us. 

This way, the combined effect from both options will ensure that your inbox stays as clean as possible. 

Bear in mind that some “important” emails could be mistakenly labeled as a promotion by Gmail. Thus, you will not be able to see them of your feed. Therefore, it is recommended to revert the Gmail selection, and only leave the ad blocker Chrome extension, if you are missing important emails.