Gmail: Changing Language Settings

One significant factor in communication is the language used by communicators. You won’t have a successful conversation with a person who’s not comfortable in reading and understanding the language you use.


Thus, it’s essential to ensure that you and the other person understand the same language. Although this may be the problem of many, Gmail takes away this worry from users with one of its features. Since it’s used for communication by people around the world, it is ideal for Google to have the feature that allows a person to change the displayed language in their Gmail interface. 

This option enables you to select any language of preference for your Gmail account. In addition, it’s accessible in both mobile apps and browsers. Following the steps outlined below, you will learn how easy changing the language displayed on your Gmail interface can be. 

Using the Computer

If you are using a computer, this first method for changing the language in your Gmail account is ideal. To do it efficiently, follow the steps outlined below.

1. Open the computer browser then navigate to Gmail.

The first step is to open a web browser and navigate to the Gmail website. After that, sign in to the account for which you want to change the language.

2. Click the gear icon on the top-right side of the page.

On the top-right corner of the Gmail page, there is a gear icon that, when clicked, opens a drop-down list of all the available settings options.

3. Select “See all settings” from the drop-down menu.

The only options visible in the drop-down menu are the most basic ones, so if you want to change the language used for your account, you must first click the “See all settings” button.

4. Under the “General” tab, go to “Language” section.

Go to the “General” tab on the new page, then to the “Language” section under that tab.

5. Tap the drop-down arrow then select a language to use.

Click the drop-down arrow next to the language currently in use, then select the language you prefer.

6. Click the “Save Changes” button to apply the changes made.

Scroll down until you see the “Save Changes” button after you’ve chosen your preferred option. To apply the changes you’ve just made to your Gmail account, click this specific button.

Using the Mobile Device

Although the steps seem to be similar, there are minor but significant differences on how to edit the language settings in the Gmail application.

1. Open the Gmail application on your phone.

To begin, you must first open the Gmail app on your phone.

2. Click the menu icon beside the search bar.

Following that, on the left side of the search bar, there will be three horizontally stacked lines that you must click to open the menu option.

3. Select “Settings” from the list.

The menu that appears is quite long, so scroll down until you see the option labeled “Settings,” then click it. It will take you to a new page where you can see all of the Gmail accounts on your phone.

4. Choose the account for which you want to change the language.

From the list of the accounts, select the one for which you want to change the language.

5. Click the “Manage your Google Account” button.

To the page where you were directed, select the “Manage your Google Account” button at the top of that page to bring up a new window on your phone.

6. Go to “Personal info” tab then select “Language.”

Go to the “Personal info” section, scroll down until you see the area for general preferences, and then click “Language.”

7. Tap the pencil icon next to the preferred language shown.

On the language page, tap the pencil icon next to the name of the current language, and Gmail will show you all of the possible languages available for use.

8. Choose your preferred language then click the “Select” button.

Once you’ve decided which language to use for your specific Gmail account, click on it and then tap the “Select” button in the bottom-right corner of the screen.


Now that you understand the significance of changing the language in Gmail, you can apply it to your account for convenience and improved communication. Aside from the ability to change the language used in your Gmail account, Gmail also allows you to change only the language used when composing emails.