Using The Gmail App To Send And Receive Email

compose-newmesge-iconOpen the Gmail App which should open displaying your Primary category.

To create and send an email click on the compose icon at the bottom of the screen.

A new message window opens with the cursor positioned on the to line.

Notice the icons at the Top of the message, the screenshot below shows what they mean.


In the form above you can see a sender Address. This appears because I have multiple email accounts configured. You may not see this field.

In the to field you enter the address of the recipient. As you type the address you will see address suggestions appear. If one matches the address you are typing you can select it.

You can enter multiple email addresses, separate them with a comma e.g

email-address1, email-address2

The drop down arrow on the right side will display the cc and bcc fields.

You add addresses to these fields  the same way as adding them to the to field. See To,cc and bcc by example

Enter a message subject. This is important as some systems will treat a message with a subject as spam.

Then enter the message itself in the body part of the form.

You can add an email attachment by pressing the attachment icon and when you are finished press the send icon.

Adding a Signature to Sent Messages

[outline style=”yellow”]Email signatures are repetitive messages, like disclaimer messages, business contact information,etc. that are added to the bottom of your emails.[/outline]

You may have noticed a sent from Yahoo mail or sent from my Iphone at the bottom some messages that you receive.

This is because some email clients automatically add an email signature to each message.

However all email clients can be configured to add a signature.

To create a signature go to settings, the settings link is in the left hand column near the bottom.


Press settings and select the account, if you have more than one, the settings for that account will be displayed.

Press the Signature link and enter the text in the text box.


Note: This signature is different to the email signature that you configure on the web client.

Read, Reply and Forward Email

Navigate to the email you want to read. If you long Press on the email it will be selected.


Short Press on the email to open it.

The email opens and you should be several buttons/icons. The screen shot below shows the icons and their meaning.


The important icons are:

  • Reply – Opens up a reply message form
  • Reply All – Opens up a reply message form
  • Forward -Opens up a forward message form
  • Go back icon– This takes you back to previous screen and is context sensitive.
  • Move to Folder – Lets you move message to another folder/label
  • Delete– Deletes the message
  • Archive– Moves the email to the archives folder/label. You can still see the email in the All Email label
  • Menu- Three vertical dots – There are two menu options as shown in the screenshot. These give you access to more options.

Reply vs Reply All

Reply will send one message to the original sender.

However reply all will send a message to the original sender and also to any email addresses that where on the to or cc lines of the originally message.

Saving Email Attachments

If you receive an attachment with an email you can download it to your downloads folder or to Google Drive.


Common Problems and Questions

Q I’ve Archived some email and now I can’t find them. Where are they

A- You can locate them in the All inboxes Label  All-inboxes-icon

Q- How do I move archived email back to my inbox?

A- Locate the email message in the All inboxes folder and then select it (long press) and then select the menu option (three vertical dots) and  select move and choose the destination label/folder..

Q. Can I use Google Drive with the Gmail App?

A- Yes when you add an attachment Google drive appears as on of the options

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