How To Get More Tik Tok Fans

Initially known as Douyin, Tik Tok has become extremely popular in less than three years. The app has gained in popularity so much in just these last few years that it is now ranked as more popular than Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and even SnapChat. While the app is quickly rising to the top ranks of social platforms, it is still new on the playground. This means that people who want to “get in” might not be sure how they can become famous on the Tik Tok platform. 

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Growing Your Tik Tok Account

There are a few ways that you can grow your Tik Tok account, but since the platform is still relatively new, it is important not to wait too long. Get in now, and you would be one of the first to become famous on the Tik Tok platform – and this might also mean an easier way of growing the number of fans on your account. 

Target A Niche

Even though Tik Tok is a platform for uploading silly videos at first glance, take a closer look at the content that is available – you will notice that those people who have large numbers of fans still tend to have a niche that they focus on. Try to find a niche that works for you. When you try a niche, you can establish your authority among a specific target market. Try to ensure every video you post on your Tik Tok account is somehow related to that particular niche. 

Make Your Videos Interesting

If you want more people to like your videos and become fans of your channel, then you need to deliver interesting and entertaining content to your audience. Every video you post should offer some value – whether that is to make the viewer laugh, to entertain them in a different way, or to provide them with something more educational. 

Focus On Trending Tags

Just like many of the other social media platforms, you can add tags to your videos when publishing to the Tik Tok platform. Be sure to take full advantage of the tag system – and try to find some trending tags every time you post a video. When you focus on adding some trending tags to your video, it means people will be able to find the content easier – and this could greatly increase the view count on your video. The more people viewing your content, the faster the number of fans on your account will grow. 

Do Not Overlook The Importance Of Quality

Many people try to post as many videos as they can on Tik Tok, with the hopes of reaching more viewers. While it is important to post a lot of content and even to be consistent, you need to understand that quality still matters. Even if you are posting silly videos for the purpose of entertaining your audience, be sure to focus on the quality. Try to capture the video on a smartphone with a high-resolution camera. Once the video has been captured, spend some time editing the content and choose the right music to play in the background – all of this will not only add to the quality of the video but also help to make it more captivating. 


With Tik Tok joining the ranks of Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram, people are quickly jumping on this wagon and trying to become famous on the platform. Even though the app is new, we have found a number of ways in which you can easily start growing your Tik Tok account and get more people to become your fans.