Finding Unread Emails In Outlook

Finding it hard to locate emails that you have yet to read? With Outlook, that shouldn’t be much of a problem because you can easily set it up to view all your unread emails. Just follow the few steps below, and you’re good to go!

Note that there are two methods for finding all of your unread emails in your Outlook account. You can use either of these two methods and get the same result. You will be able to filter your inbox to display only the unread emails in your account.

Using the Funnel Icon

Since you will not have to search or type anything for this method, you will encounter fewer errors. To successfully look for messages you haven’t opened yet, follow the steps below.

1. Go to the Outlook application on your desktop and ensure that your account is logged in.

Visit the Outlook app on your desktop, then sign in to your email account.

2. Make sure you’re on the homepage and inbox section.

Click the “Home” button on the screen’s menu bar, then select the envelope icon on the lower-left side of your homepage to be directed to the inbox screen.

3. On the tool bar, click the funnel icon for a drop-down menu to show.

If your inbox is already present on your screen, a funnel icon will appear on the toolbar, which you must click. When you click this, a small drop-down menu will appear.

4. Select “Unread” from the drop-down menu.

You will see various options in the drop-down menu, but to filter your inbox and only display messages you haven’t opened yet, click the “Unread” button.

Using the Search Bar

If, for instance, you don’t see the funnel icon on your Outlook application, this alternative method is ideal for you. This is a step-by-step guide to help you find your unread messages, even if you only have access to the search bar.

1. Select the envelope icon on the lower-left side of the screen.

To be taken to the inbox screen, click the envelope icon in the lower-left corner of the window.

2. Click the search bar at the top of the menu bar.

After being directed to your inbox page, use the search box above Outlook’s menu bar to find what you’re looking for. This will allow you to filter your messages based on what you search for.

3. Input the phrase “isread: no” and it will show you your unread emails.

Enter the phrase “isread: no” into the search box, and all unread emails in your Outlook account will be displayed.

Key Takeaways

There’s an eighty-five percent chance that visiting Outlook Mail is part of your daily routine. This is because it is one of the usual platforms used for sending and receiving emails. Being swamped up with many emails is indeed a hassle, especially if everything is stored in your inbox.

Nonetheless, thanks to Outlook, you can easily filter your mails in two ways — using the funnel icon and through the use of the search bar. Pretty convenient, right?