How To Find the Twitch Stream Key on your iPhone or Android Device

The first thing that has to be done in this regard is to login with the and move to the top right corner. There put a click on your ‘User Name n’ and then choose Dashboard.


A list of options appears at the right, where you have to pick Channel, within the Settings section.

One can find a large box at the top called Stream Key and Preferences. The key remains there hidden, in general. One may showcase it or simply copy the same within the clipboard. There is also the option to reset it.

This is indeed the quickest way of finding the key.

Follow the steps below for streaming.

Preparing Your Smartphone for Streaming

Prior to initiating streaming, all other apps should be closed. It avoids slowing down of the system. It would be even better to turn off the notifications. One may also prefer making the airplane mode active simply to avoid calls. However, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth should remain active, to ensure the screen is projected on to the computer.

Installation of Reflector 3

The next step is about the installation of Reflector 3. Follow the steps given below for the installation of Reflector 3.

  • For streaming from the smartphone, first, it has to be got on the computer, which ultimately will be delivered to Twitch.
  • Reflector 3 is primarily a program that is meant for the computers on Windows and Mac OS. It basically makes those compatible with various wireless projecting technologies; those work fine on iOS, Android, and Windows phones of all kinds. There is no need of any kind cables or extra hardware with Reflector 3.
  • Post downloading Reflector 3 from its official website, it should be opened on the computer and then delivered wirelessly on display of smartphone to the computer through any of the following methods.
  • For any kind of iOS device, it is advised first to open the Control Center and click on the’ Press the AirPlay’ icon at the centre of the menu.
  • In case of android devices, first, go to the Notifications Centre on your Android phone and click on the Cast icon. After opening, go through More Settings and select the computer type.
  • The equivalent method has to be followed for the Windows users as well, with little difference as per the device demands.

Establishing OBS Studio

The next step is about setting up an OBS studio. Those who don’t know about OBS should understand that this is a freely available program meant for broadcasting live streams to Twitch.

After installation of the OBS Studio, it has to be linked with Twitch account to ensure that the broadcast is sent to the correct location. In this context, first, log into your account on the official Twitch website. Next, put a click on the Dashboard, then Settings. Next, click on Stream Key, and find the purple button and click on it to show the stream key. Now copy the numbers to the clipboard.

Next, go back to the OBS Studio and click on Settings. Next, go to Streaming, then to Service and select Twitch there. Now copy the stream key within the exact field and then Paste. Once done, anything that is broadcasted from OBS Studio is going to be delivered straight to the personal Twitch account.

Integrating media resources with OBS Studio

  • For this, the Reflector 3 should remain open on the system, and the device screen should appear d on it. The next step is to add Reflector 3 to OBS Studio.
  • Go to the bottom of OBS Studio, and put a click on the plus sign within the Sources.
  • Select Window Capture and then Reflector 3 from the drop-down menu and the click Ok.

Rearrange the size to perfection as desired.

The whole of the black workspace is going to be visible to the viewers. To turn it more attractive more visually, one may bring in images by addition of sources and simply repeating the ways as of above.

For integrating webcam, press the plus symbol again available within the Sources. However, the Video Capture Device should be selected now. Select the webcam from the list and click Ok. You can resize the way you like.

Initiate the process of Twitch Broadcast

Having the dashboard available the way you wish, put a click on Start Streaming button available at the lower-right corner. This would make you live on Twitch, and the viewers can witness webcam footage, or anything added there.