Downloading A File Or Folder From Google Drive To Your Device

Google Drive allows you to keep all of your files in one accessible place, but you will need to transfer these files from your Drive to your computer or mobile device at some point. One example of this case is when you will be away from home for an extended period and will not have access to the internet.

Google Drive

You can download files and folders from Google Drive to your device, but storing them in a folder first can speed up the process and improve efficiency.

Follow the steps outlined below to know how to do this!

Download a Folder To Your Computer

1. Go to Google Drive.

To begin, you have to open your web browser and then go to Google Drive. After that, log into your account using your Google credentials.

2. Navigate to the Folders section.

You are now on the Google Drive homepage after logging in, and you must navigate to the “Folders” section. Keep scrolling down until you find the label.

3. Choose the folder that you want to download.

Under the “Folders” section, carefully go through each folder and select which one should be downloaded. It is the folder that needs to be accessible offline or the one that you simply want to keep on your computer.

4. Right-click then select “Download.”

If you are certain about the folder you have chosen, right-click on it and a drop-down menu will appear on your screen. You must select the “Download” option from the menu.

Keep in mind that it will be downloaded immediately and there will be no confirmation step, so make sure the folder you’ve selected is correct.

Download a File To Your Computer

1. Open the browser then go to Google Drive.

First, you have to open your computer browser and then navigate to Google Drive. Afterward, sign in to your account so you will be directed to the Google Drive homepage.

2. Look for the file you wish to download.

If you’re already on the Google Drive homepage, go to the “Files” section then scroll down and assess each file before selecting the one you want to download.

3. Right-click on the file then choose “Download.”

Now, the last thing for you to do is right-click on the particular file and then select the “Download” option located in the drop-down menu.

There’s no need to be worried because the file you downloaded will remain in your Google Drive account and will not be deleted.


We almost always have internet access, which means we can always access all of the files in our Google Drive account; however, knowing how to download them to make them accessible offline is still important. It is essential to understand this process because we sometimes only use mobile data to access the internet and the signal is not always at its best, so it is necessary to download them so we can access them even if the internet is slow.

I hope you found this article useful and that you were able to expand your knowledge of Google Drive!