Does Google Home Record Everything You Say

Google Home is a smart speaker that allows its owner to interact with google assistant. The device can pair with both google and third-party devices, to offer users the possibility to control things by voice. For example, you can ask Google Home to put a specific show on TV. It will connect with your Chromecast device and stream the show on your TV. If you have more than one, you can tell it the specific TV that you want to use.


Also, if you have any smart home gadgets, you can control them through your Google Home device. For example, you can turn on and off your lights. It can recognize up to six different voices. As you can see, it is a great tool to have in your house.

To use the device, you just have to either say “Okay Google”, or “Hey Google” and your assistance will ask what do you want. According to Google, Google Home, and all devices with google assistant will record the conversation that you have with it after saying those magic words. Google Home will stay idle if you don’t interact with it. 

But many people have some concerns with privacy. For example, people don’t want their conversations to be recorded and stored permanently. Or they would like to be able to delete their conversation log from time to time. If you are part of one of these groups, you should read this guide.

Step 1

Open a Chrome browser tap and be sure that the account linked to the device is the one that you have open. Click on the account icon at the top right corner.

Step 2

Select the first option of the drop-down menu, which is “Manage your Google account”. 

Step 3

After clicking on it, a new window will appear. Head to the left side menu and select the third option from the top down. 

Step 4

Scroll a bit and choose the voice and audio option; it has a microphone on the left.

Step 5

Once inside, you can turn off the voice commands by simply clicking on the point at the right.

Upon deactivation, Google will ask you if you really wish to do it. They will warn you that this decision could temper with the google assistant experience.  Bear in mind that this will affect any google assistant in any device. Click pause if you want to proceed.

Step 6

To delete all conversation logs, head to manage activity

Now, choose delete activity; this option is on the left side menu.

You’ll be directed to another page, where you can choose from which point do you want to delete. After setting the period, hit the delete button and it is done.



Beware that deleting these records and pause all recordings could affect the interaction quality. All smart devices rely on such information to improve their services. So the next time that you want to turn the light on, and your Google Home doesn’t comply, don’t blame the device.