Does Discord Use IP Bans?

Discord quickly became part of life and insinuated itself into the lives of gamers as easily as gaming itself. Like many things in life, you only appreciate how much you rely on something when it’s no longer there, like when you get kicked or banned from a server. One common question around bans is whether Discord uses IP bans or not. So what’s the answer?


Discord does use IP addresses in its ban system.

There are two types of ban in Discord, the server ban and the general application ban. The first can be done by server owners, admins and moderators and will usually be for misbehaving in a server. The second will be done by Discord themselves and will be for wider infractions, breaches of its terms or community guidelines. Either way, your IP address can be used along with your account username and email to enforce the ban.

Handling Discord bans

Banning is a contentious subject on many social platforms and Discord is no different. Server bans can be given out for the dumbest of reasons or for no reason at all. Humans are fallible and that fallibility seems to grow exponentially whenever we go online. Discord is often a little more measured when it comes to handing out bans but not always. We all know of people who say they have been banned for no reason by Discord. Some of those will secretly know the reason but some genuinely don’t.

If you’re banned from a server for no reason. Really no reason, then contact the server owner through DM to explain. Engaging sensibly with admins and server owners can highlight an issue or error that can get you reinstated. Not always but sometimes.

If you find yourself banned by Discord and have genuinely done nothing wrong, you can appeal. Use this appeals form to contact Discord and explain your situation. I wouldn’t hold out much hope though as Discord’s customer service is atrocious. If you get a reply at all, which is doubtful, it will likely be a boilerplate response saying you were banned for breach of terms and that’s it. End of.

Circumventing Discord IP bans

Discord records your IP address as part of its general use and for logging. If you’re banned, your username, email address and IP address are recorded and are used to enforce the ban. You can work around this by changing your IP address and setting up a new email and Discord account.

You can change your email address in two ways, have your broadband provider do it or use a VPN.

Broadband IP addressing

Most residential broadband customers will use dynamic IP addressing. This means your router is automatically assigned an IP address by your ISP network from a pool of available addresses. The address will change periodically which is why you cannot reliably run web servers or services from home. You can pay extra for a static IP address but most residential customers don’t bother.

To change your dynamic IP address, do this:

  1. Record your current external IP address.
  2. Turn off your ISP modem/router overnight.
  3. Turn your router or modem on in the morning and check your IP address.

Depending on how your provider has ISP addressing set up, you should be assigned a new IP address. If you haven’t and you’re assigned the same one, you’re going to need to use a VPN.

Circumventing Discord IP bans with a VPN

Everyone should use a VPN. It helps keep your connection secure, stops your ISP from collecting data on your browsing habits and can protect you whenever you use public WiFi. It can also help you work around an IP ban. A VPN changes your IP address to something completely different so using a VPN in conjunction with a new account should have you back on Discord in no time.

Choose your VPN wisely though as Discord knows this happens and works to ban certain VPN IP ranges from its system. If you’re signing up to a VPN, use one that offers a free trial as you will need to test the provider before signing up. Use a quality provider with lots of servers and you have a huge range of potential IP addresses to use.

Using a VPN is not illegal and not against Discord’s terms and conditions. It is a legitimate security tool that every web user should have and use all the time. If you don’t already use one, you should, regardless of whether you’re trying to work around a Discord IP ban or not.