What Is The Difference Between Block And Unmatch In Bumble

Nothing is perfect, not even dating apps. Many people use Bumble to find the perfect soulmate. However, not everyone is as nice as you would expect them to be. Like any other dating app on the market, you are bound to end up talking to someone who is simply rude. 

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But, don’t worry, there are ways you can deal with people like that. You can block or unmatch them. But, what is the difference between these two options? Which one should you pick? That’s what we are going to talk about here. 

We will help you distinguish these two very different options. So, let’s get started. 

Block or Unmatch?  

Let’s say you’ve matched with someone and started a conversation. Halfway there, the person you matched with is not what you expected them to be. They are rude, difficult to talk with, or simply you have nothing in common. 

In these cases, you can do two things. You can either unmatch or block them. If you think the person you just matched with is not the right fit, just unmatch them. 

 For example, the conversation is not interesting enough, their statements are pointless, or you don’t get along. In other words, unmatching is a feature you can use to stop communicating with someone because you don’t click. 

If the person you are talking with has insulted you in any way, you should block them. Or if you feel as if this person is a serious threat to you. They don’t know the meaning of boundaries or simply don’t care to respect them. Such type of behavior can be reported to Bumble. 

If that person threatens your safety, you should use the block and report option. If you want to block that person, but not report them, you can select the “Not interested” option from the bottom of the block menu. This will not get that person in any trouble. 

If you report someone because they deserve it, you will help Bumble get rid of the problematic user. In the future, no one else will have to go through the same thing you went with that particular user. So, the main reason you block a person is that you want to make sure that the user doesn’t match with anyone else. 

This way you can protect other users from having the exact same conversations you did. Not only do you get to protect yourself, but you also protect other users on Bumble. If you block them, they won’t show up on your feed. But, if you unmatch, that person may show up on your deck once again. 


Finding the right match on Bumble is not as easy as it seems. Sometimes you might end up talking to someone who is not the right fit. Or maybe, you will come across some other user who wants to insult you or threaten your safety. 

Depending on what you are dealing with, you should make most of the block and unmatch options. Now that you know the difference between both of these options, you can go ahead and use them the next time you meet someone rude.