Customizing A Page In Notion

Boosting your productivity is a must, given that it allows you to function more efficiently, and to do this, one of the simplest ways, to begin with, is by organizing your workspace and planning.


With that, Notion is one of the platforms you can use to achieve this as it enables you to customize your page in a manner that suits your taste. Just follow the steps ahead, and you’re good to go!

1. Visit the Notion application then login your account.

To begin customizing a page in your Notion account, you must first launch the app on your device, then sign in using any of these options: your Notion email, Gmail credentials, or Facebook account.

2. Select the page that you want to edit and customize.

You can see all of your account’s pages in Notion’s left panel. Browse through them all, and then decide which one you want to edit and customize.

3. Click the ellipsis on the top-right side of the page.

After selecting a page, you will notice three horizontally-stacked dots in the upper right corner of the page, which, when clicked, will show a drop-down menu.

4. Select “Customize page” from the drop-down menu.

You will see various options in the drop-down menu that you can use to edit that specific page. You must select “Customize page,” and then a small pop-up window will appear.

5. Edit the backlinks, comments, and properties of the page.

There are two labels in the pop-up window: backlinks and comments. This is where you decide which one to edit first.


Backlinks are links that lead from one website to a page on another. When customizing your page, you will have the option of displaying it in a popover or expanded mode, as well as turning it off. Choose which one you prefer from the available options.


When editing the comments section of your page, you will only have two alternatives: show it in expanded mode or simply turn it off. Turning it off prevents other people or yourself from leaving a comment on that particular page.


You can rearrange and move all of the properties on that page by clicking the multi-dotted icon beside the item you want to move, then dragging each property to where you want it to be placed.

You will not need to click any save buttons when customizing your page. Your changes will be applied automatically and immediately after you click the specific steps in changing them.

Finishing Thoughts

Productivity comes in many ways, but the best way to feel it is to see that everything’s well-organized. Seeing that you have everything you need to be laid out for you in your workspace makes it even easier to accomplish things right away. Don’t hesitate to use the things and features in Notion that could make your life more convenient. All you have to do is learn the steps, and the next you’ll know is that you already got a hold of it.